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Alongside the growing popularity of gym culture, there has been an explosion of growth in the cardio machine industry. This can make things difficult when shopping as there is a extensive range of products to choose from.

We at GymBrains are a group of researchers who are tasked with helping our readers discover the best fitness equipment for their requirements. Through detailed buying guides, ratings, and reviews. Navigate through the categories below to find the perfect machine for you.

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Elliptical machines

A stationary cardio machine that can imitate walking, climbing stairs, or running without the added impact associated with treadmills. Highly effective at targeting the lower body, but stillĀ hits the upper body too with dual action arms. Learn more here.

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Recumbent bikes

These offer a low impact way to cycle in a more natural position. They are user friendly and a great way to target your leg muscles and lose weight whilst training at home.

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Vibration machines

Sending vibrations through the users bodies, these platforms cause large amounts of contraction and relaxation in the muscles provide a great workout for both beginners and intermediate fitness levels.

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Rowing machines

Rowers give you the opportunity to get a full body cardio workout that works both your arms and legs. They offer one of the most intensive ways to work up a sweat from home. Finding a suitable option can be difficult, but not impossible. Read our buying guide to find out more.

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Agility ladders

Want to work on your pace and ability to change direction fast? These could be a great match for you. Find out more details about them on the link below.

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The best exercise machines – What qualities to look for?

Understanding some basic features of cardio equipment is extremely important before shopping around. By doing so, you can save yourself a lot of hassle and money long term. We hope to help consumers with this.

Before you decide to purchase anything, we believe their are important decisions to make. These decisions involve getting up close and personal with the fitness equipment and researching into their individual functionality.

So to give our readers a head start, we provide plenty of in depth buying guides relating to the various cardio machines designs, price, and capabilities. We also review individual products to highlight their strengths and weaknesses. Listed below are a few things to keep in mind when shopping.