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Best vibration machines 2019

A vibration platform is designed to force the users muscles to contract and relax multiple times a minute. It’s said that these contractions can occur up to fifty times a second, which will provide a great base for physical exertion.

Today we analyze the various products available on the market, from the best sellers, through to the bargain basement. The aim? To gauge the sort of quality each product is offering consumers, and how it can benefit their workout regime.


Compare vibration plates

ModelPowerProgramsSpeed settings
Confidence fitness slim600 WN/A50
Merax full body slim2000 W10160
Axis-Plate Vibration Pro1000 W350

Do vibration machines work?

This is a question that gets asked a lot in forums I frequent. And there tends to be a lot of inaccurate information being spread around. The short answer is yes, they do work. In fact, there has been case studies to back this up.

One such study found is from 2009 by the University of Antwerp. In the study, they followed numerous overweight females who had stuck to a clean and healthy diet plan and exercised on a vibration platform regularly. What they found was that these women lost more weight over a set period of time, than those who had a healthy diet plan, and used more common forms of training.

The benefits of using a shake machine

There are many ways power plates can be beneficial to the user. We list just a few of these below.

Less time consuming – Many of us have things to do, places to see. And squeezing in your daily exercises can often take up a lot of your free time and feel like a chore. These shaking plates can reduce the amount of time you train each day simply by causing muscle reflexes of up between twenty and thirty times a second. It’s this level of intensity that helps it target more muscle fibers in less time.

Convenient – They are not particularly big, so most of these shake plates will fit quite easily into small and medium sized rooms. What’s the benefit of that I hear you say? Well, by installing it into a room in your household, you can continue your fitness journey from the comfort of your own home, and cut out the need to commute to and from the gym and any membership fees associated with that.

Easy to operate – Most products we have come across in our research have offered a control panel with clearly labelled operational buttons. No time spent tinkering with complex settings, set your vibrate speed, and away you go.

Versatile – Unlike other types of fitness equipment, you can use the platform to incorporate wider range of workout movements into your training.

Muscle toning – Because of its constant contracting and relaxing of your muscles, it will help tone up and improve muscle strength in the long term. Take advantage of their ability to be versatile above by performing other types of exercises whilst standing or with your feet on the plate. Elevated push ups and standing squats come to mind.

Improves bone density – Stronger bones and an increase of bone mineral density are just a couple of great things associated with usage.

Vibration platform buying guide – what to look for?

Whole body vibration platforms come equipped with plenty of differing designs, styles, prices, and training functionality. The great amount of choice available can sometimes confuse consumers, which makes it difficult to differentiate between two specific models or pick one well suited to your own needs. We aim to remove these worries by providing only the facts. Listed below, we have compiled several of its main features to acknowledge whilst shopping.

Handles and railings

Next up, ask yourself do you have trouble balancing without the aid of railings to hold you steady? If not, you should be on the lookout for products with a column attached and hand rails to hold onto. Senior citizens, and people recovering from injuries may find a handlebar system to be the sensible option.

However, if you feel your coordination and balance is good enough, you will find a whole range of ultra portable options without railings attached. You should note that on these pole-less designs, you can expect it to operate via a remote rather than a console.

Size of platform

Consider how much space you’re going to need on the power plate to feel comfortable and not too enclosed. Not only that, but the size of the vibration platform surface will determine how versatile the product can be in terms of the kinds of exercises that can be done.

Workout programs

Some products come with some great exercise applications built into the system. They are designed to keep things interesting and target your body slightly differently each time to keep muscles guessing to keep progressing towards your fitness targets.


Some of the brand names we came across in our research are well known in the gym and cardio industry, whilst others are relatively unknown to someone not clued up. The sensible choice is to always judge a power plate based on merit and features rather than the name associated with it. However, if you prefer to sort by brand, we have listed a few to keep tabs on below.

  • Confidence fitness
  • Merax
  • Gadget Fit
  • Sunny Health & Fitness
  • Soozier


Set yourself a maximum limit when it comes to budget. This will help you make a smart choice, whilst only spending what you can afford, rather than worrying about a product you’ve paid over the odds for.

Around or under $150 – Most options you come across in this price range will have very basic features and accessories. Some good examples include many of the Soozier 200 watts variants. Limited in their performance.
Around or under $300 – This is the area we generally acknowledge as the sweet spot. You’ll find the majority of what we believe to be the products offering the most bang for your buck at this price range. A good example for this budget level is the Confidence Slim full body vibration.

Consumer feedback and ratings

Before you decide on purchasing a product, have a browse around the various shops online and see what customer reviews are saying about it. You will often get an insight into a machines capabilities and whether or not it has met peoples expectations.

Our vibration plate reviews

Find out more about our top picks below as we analyze their features, training functions, design, and price through in depth reviews.

Merax full body slim fitness – 2000w

This machine from Merax provides ten preset exercise programs to keep you on your toes. This particular model has sister products, but this one is the most powerful of the three with 2000 watts power.

You will find some yoga straps attached to give people more choice in how they exercise, and bring somewhat neglected muscles into the workout motion more.

Includes a column and railing to ensure people are able to keep their balance whilst standing, and a computer console attached to the bars will act as a control panel for the settings at which you choose. Simple push button operation that’s designed to be easy to navigate and operate.

Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Platform

One of the most popular and best selling products currently and for good reason. It’s reasonably priced, but still contains a great set of features that allow it to hold its own against the competition in the industry.

A decent amount of power that maxes out at 1.5 horse power, and 600 watts. The frequency range you can expect is between fifty and sixty Hz.

There is also evidence that it has a strong and sturdy structure with a maximum weight limit recommendation of three hundred pounds.

Looking at how positively its been rated online in both stores and blogs, you won’t go far wrong with this model

Axis-Plate Vibration Pro

With a choice of up to fifty speed settings, and a good amount of power found in the motor (1000 watts), this is a slightly less known, albeit worthy challenger to the two previously mentioned above.

Offers a respectable user weight capacity limitation of up to three hundred and thirty pounds, and includes three built in exercise programs to work with.

A spacious plate that won’t make you feel enclosed, and handles included to maintain balance should you need to.