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Stamina X Air review

The X air rower challenges the user through wind resistance, whilst still ensuring the stroke motion remains smooth, fluid, and consistent. What’s more, should you wish to note down previous performance data to improve upon, this is possible through the computer console at the front which will track all kinds of data ranging from speed to distance.

Perhaps more importantly, this is a reasonably affordable option when you compare it to many of its competitors.

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Main features

Console – Features a computer equipped with a screen that will offer rowers an insight into their calories spent, speed, distance, and time. It’s not as advanced as some of the available control panels on the market, but it offers users a understanding of some of the more important pieces of data.

Foot rests – The foot plates provide straps that are adjustable to meet the varying feet sizes of a multi user home.

Seat and rail – When buying a new rower, you always want to keep an eye on how much comfort the seating is going to bring your workouts. Long sessions can take there toll on the body, so it’s important to feel at ease whilst seated. This model provides padding and is well cushioned to ensure people are comfortable whilst training.

Wind resistance – Operates on wind style resistance, one of the smoothest and fluid styles that will ultimately push you towards reaching your training targets.

Space saving – If you’re one of those people who struggle to find the space in the household to fit in various pieces of home gym equipment, then you need not worry. This option provides a much more compact solution to home exercise as it can be folded up after. To give you a rough idea of space consumption, the folded dimensions are as follows: 48 inches in length by 18 inches in width by 28 inches tall. The full measurements when in use are listed as 77 inches in length by 18 inches in width by 22 inches tall. Either way, it’s not an overly large machine and isn’t going to take up too much room.

Warranty – The warranty policy listed covers you for three years on the frame, and ninety days for any problems with the working parts.

Wrapping up

Overall, the Stamina X Air could be a sensible investment for those of you looking for a challenging workout at home. The ability to fold the frame makes storage easier, and additional features like the transportation wheels make it quite portable and easily movable. And compared to some competitors we’ve researched, it’s far more affordable which could make it a good choice for people working with a mid to lower budget.