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Stamina 35-1405 ATS review

The 35-1405 ATS air rower is one of those cardio machines that are built and designed for home usage. Several examples of that can be found within the spec list. Firstly, it folds up fairly compactly and rolls into storage quite easily which is great news for those of you who have reservations about finding the space to fit it in.

Additionally, unlike several commercial grade options, this is by far more affordable whilst still including several key functions to help you stay in shape and track performance.

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Main features

Foot rests – The foot plates are designed to be larger than average to accommodate multiple users whom may have larger and smaller than average feet sizes. Also includes a nylon strap to stop slippage and hold your feet securely in place.

Computer monitor – Follow and understand your training sessions by utilizing the computer screen at the front of the rower. Within this screen, you will find data about calories burnt, speed, distance, and time as you train.

Seating – A contoured and padded seat will ensure people are comfortable whilst exercising. Underneath you have the ball bearing rollers that slide smoothly along the rail for a fluid, and stable motion.

Construction – The chain is metal, frame is steel, and rail chrome. Each add a certain degree of strength to the product as a whole. It won’t quite provide the same strength and longevity as commercial gym options, but for home usage, this could be a product for people starting out on a journey to lose weight or better fitness.

Space saving design – As mentioned previously, the frame folds to save room when its not in use. Castors come built in to ensure much of the heavy lifting isn’t necessary.

Wrapping up

The Stamina 35-1405 ATS makes use of wind resistance to provide an intensive workout experience. It includes several comfort features that will help users on those long rowing sessions, most notably the padded seat, and large foot rests to ensure you fit comfortably and feel at ease. Then there is the design itself which offers people the chance to save space in the household, which can be a common limitation for many.

If you’re looking for an entry level product to work on your stamina and fitness, this could be a suitable match. Especially when you consider the price tag is relatively cheap compared to several other models.