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First Degree E-520 review

With adjusting features to position yourself more comfortably, and a several workout applications built into the system to keep you motivated, the E-520 fluid rower could make a great addition to your home gym.

The ability to mix it up between a range of different difficulty levels, plus the combination of glide rollers and water style resistance make for a smooth workout that will present a challenge to many users.

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Main features

Resistance – This machine operates on water style resistance, and will provide people with twenty differing levels of difficulty to train through. The good thing about having numerous levels of resistance available to you is that regardless of your current fitness level, you will find a start point that you’re comfortable with.

Workout programs – You’ll find rowers available without any programs or apps built in, this isn’t one of those however. Users get a choice of training with six preset programs that come built into the system. They can be used to help users push towards goals, which can work well with the data that can be tracked through the computerized screen. The flip side to this is you will also find various models offering a upwards of ten apps or more.

Weigh limit – If you’re looking for something durable, and longer lasting than of this markets cheaper variants, then this could well be a good match. You only need to look at the 450 pound weight capacity to see that the frame is strong and sturdy. Longevity of cardio equipment is important especially in this price range.

Comfort – The handles are ergonomically designed to ensure you’re gripping them with the minimum stress to your wrists and arms. You’ll also find adjustable height foot rests to set yourself into a position you’re most comfortable training in.

Monitor – It’s equipped with a handy computer monitor that will help users track data regarding speed, time, stroke rate, watts, calories, and distance.

Storage – The inclusion of transportation wheels and its ability to stand on end ensure it saves space when not in use.

Wrapping up

One thing to be wary of before you make any sort of decision, is that this isn’t going to come cheap. The First Degree E-520 is a mid to higher tier model that is equipped with some good training specifications, alongside a frame clearly built to last and handle day to day wear and tear. This is further highlighted by its 450 pounds weight capacity recommendation by its manufacturer. 

If it’s within your price range, this could make a excellent addition to the gym. The varying resistance levels and programs combined will have you working up a sweat in no time.