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XTERRA FS5.9e review

The FS5.9e cross trainer mixes tracking technology on the console with training functionality to enable users to have an effective cardio training session from home.

With sensible inclusions like the multi positioned handlebars, twenty inch striding length, and two inch between each of its peddles, Xterra fitness clearly consider user comfort and ergonomics in their designs to minimize the toll exercising takes on your joints.

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Main features

Incline – Users can choose to work through some challenging incline settings. The addition of training on a hill can really help hit the calves hard.

Peddles – Two main things about the peddles. Number one, you have a bio mechanically correct distance between the left and right foot plates to minimize the impact on users knees and ankles. This is measured at two inches according to the manufacturer. Secondly, they are cushioned, to once again absorb impact and help the users feel at ease and comfortable throughout those longer, more intensive training sessions.

Stride length – The stride isn’t a particularly stand out feature. But even at twenty inches, it gives you a bit more room to stretch out those strides than the cheaper variations.

Console – A decently sized console system at the front that includes a seven and a half inch screen that will display all the readouts about your workout. It’s back lit and will offer all the menus to control the functions in one convenient location. The readouts mentioned above include: RPM, Speed, calories, distance, time, heart rate, and wattage.

Flywheel – It’s equipped with a twenty five pound steel flywheel that’s built to last. The weight of the flywheel can also feed into how smooth the striding motion feels once in use.

Handlebars – Ergonomically designed handles that allow the user to grip the machine in multiple positions. Not everyone has a set position that they feel most comfortable in, so the choice is always welcome.

Wrapping up

We think the XTERRA FS5.9e could be a good addition to a home gym for people building up their stamina at home. The twenty inch stride length caters for taller users needs, and there exercise functionality built in will keep you working hard and pushing the boundaries towards your overall health goals.

However, this is better suited to those of you with a higher budget. For cheaper alternatives, have a look at some of the options we have listed out here.