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Xterra FS5.6e review

For a mid range cross trainer, the FS5.6e has some decent inclusions within the spec list. Some more notable options are the twenty levels of magnetic style resistance, and of course the computerized display offering a good insight into the current users performance data.

It’s a low impact way to get the miles in from home, whilst also being cheaper than attending a commercial gym in the long run.

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Main features

Peddles – Something notable about the design of its foot plate peddles is that this model provides a two degree inward tilt that will ensure users are striding in a more ergonomically correct position. The theory behind this is that it can reduce the impact on your joints and minimize the risk of injury. This, coupled with the over sized surface area, and cushioned grip make a more comfortable experience for the user.

Striding length – Includes a slightly above average striding length of twenty inches. You will find many hovering around the eighteen inch mark, but the extra two inches will make a difference.

Incline – Change up the hill settings with a choice of twenty differing levels of incline. The advantage of this is that it targets the muscles differently and will hopefully help in keeping your workout fresh and difficult.

Resistance – Take advantage of its twenty levels of tension by working through each one at your own pace. Because there is a fair amount to train through, users from many different fitness levels will be able to find one that fits their current needs.

Handlebars – As another comfort feature, you are able to position yourself using multiple types of grips dependent on your own preferences and style. Built into the very same handles are quick controls for changing the intensity of the workout session and taking your pulse readings. Both put there to speed up the process.

Console – Stay informed on your current performance statistics using the blue back lit computer display at the front of the trainer. You shall be able to see data about speed, calories burned, and several others in large, highly visible text. The screen itself is six and a half inches.

Wrapping up

Coming from a reputable brand and sharing some similarities with it’s sister products, the Xterra FS5.6e holds its own against much of the competition in this industry. Whilst it may not offer the most resistance and training options, it does provide users with a reasonably priced alternative with some solid tracking features, and comfort settings. So, if you’re in the market for a new elliptical, this could be one worth taking into consideration.