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Xterra FS5.4e review

Gone are the days where you have to commute to and from the gym each day and splash cash on expensive gym memberships. More and more people are turning to products like the FS5.4e elliptical trainer to fit their workouts in at home.

It makes sense too, with the inclusion of great features that are designed to make your training challenging. Lots of resistance to work through, and a computer display to track and understand your own progress as the weeks go by.

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The good

Resistance – The amount of tension a cross trainer provides can make or break a machine. Too few and you’re not going to be providing enough of a challenge for more experienced striders. Too many, and the price tag goes up. We believe finding the right balance is key, and with twenty separate levels of resistance on offer here, you have a good amount of variety for beginners and advanced users whilst still remaining reasonably affordable.

Stride length – With a stride length of eighteen inches, there is enough length to cater for those of you with longer than average strides, as well as average leg lengths. However, there are certainly longer options available.

Console – Keeping track of all the training information is just as important as the exercise functionality itself in our view. It enables people to understand and highlight areas that need improvement, which will play a role in overall progress. This elliptical exercise machine has a six and a half inch screen that is well lit with easily readable data. Time, calories burned off, and speed are among the pieces of workout info that gets fed through the computer.

Flywheel – A twenty one pound flywheel keeps the striding motion fluid, consistent, and perhaps most importantly, smooth.

Exercise programs – Users get a nice choice of training apps built into the console too, with seven that are pre-set, two that work with heart rate, and two custom options. These are nice extras that can keep users on track as you push towards your fitness targets.

Weight capacity – A three hundred and twenty five pound weight limit is around about average to slightly above average, and will cater for the majority of users hoping to fit their cardio in at home.

Pulse grips – Record your heart rate using the grip sensors built into the handlebars.

The bad

Price – You can’t help but wonder if there is better value elsewhere. Whilst it does offer some fantastic training capabilities to the user, it’s still quite expensive when you compare it to some of the competition in the industry.


The Xterra FS5.4e could be a great piece of equipment for burning off excess calories at home. There are plenty of challenges built in, and it will come equipped with a great console that will tell you the important pieces of data that can help you improve results. A reputable brand name in the market, and one worth considering if you’re working with a higher than average budget.