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Xterra FS4.0e review

The FS4.0e elliptical machine is something we feel has a lot to offer buyers looking to extend their training capability from home. The flywheel being located at the front, coupled with a good range of exercise functions and challenges ensure people are able to push themselves to hit higher levels of fitness.

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The good

Stride length – Users can enjoy a decent range of motion from the stride which measures at eighteen inches. Whilst it may not be the longest, it provides a good base stride for intermediate users.

Resistance – The resistance a cross trainer offers should form the foundations of any machine. This particular model deals with that by providing a respectable amount of magnetic style tension. Users can work with up to twenty differing levels ranging from easy to difficult meaning a wide range of fitness levels are accommodated. If you live in a family household, with multiple users looking to exercise daily, it’s important to have a good amount of choice in this respect.

Console and display – The computer console options, size, and functionality all play an important role in how we look at an elliptical trainer. The FS4.0e comes with a back lit screen to make the text and numbers easily readable and measures and five and a half inches, which is fairly large compared to some lower priced products. Additionally, you can keep track of information about your training through the tracking of distance, time, speed, calories burned, and pulse rate.

Record your heart rate – Offers the ability to track and record your pulse through sensors in the handles. This data is transmitted to the console mentioned above for you to analyze.

Mobile – If you often find yourself in a situation where fitness equipment need to be moved around every so often, you will find some handy transportation wheels at the front of the machine. Simply tilt and roll into its new location.

Listen to music while you workout – Integrated speakers in its console area along with an audio jack will allow users to enjoy their favorite pump up playlists as they stride.

Peddles – Comes with some great features built into the peddles which are all designed to make you feel much more comfortable and at ease. These features include cushioning and a two degree inward tilt to ensure people are striding in a much more natural position.

Weight capacity – The user weight capacity is listed at 325 pounds, which demonstrates a reasonable amount of strength in the frame to withstand day to day usage by heavier users.

The bad

Price – Some will certainly find this out of their price range, which is completely fair. Others may appreciate the initial investment of a cross trainer with a decent set of features to keep your exercise regime challenging.


We think the Xterra FS4.0e offers several of the key ingredients required to conduct an effective cardio session at home. The ability to track and monitor information through the console, coupled with a good set of training features to help you push yourself outside your comfort zone could make this a great addition to your gym.