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Xterra FS3.0 review

For people looking to improve their endurance, or to simply lose weight from home, the FS3.0 elliptical machine could be an affordable, but suitable option thanks to the inclusion of several training specifications such as the variety in tension, and exercise programs. Not the most technologically advanced product out there, but provides a respectable amount for basic cardio work.

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The good

Console – The console and display area will deliver to the user a detailed overview of current performance. You will be presented with a five and a half inch back lit screen with data displayed about your pulse, time, wattage, speed, calories, distance, and extra information letting you know what program you’re currently working with.

Simple menus – Located below the screen mentioned above, you will find several buttons that are clear, easy to read, and pretty self explanatory. This will make operating the machine as easy as possible, with buttons for increasing/decreasing resistance, quick start, and a choice of various applications and modes.

Resistance levels – With twenty separate levels of tension, users will get be able to push themselves as hard as they feel comfortable with regardless of fitness level. Although, you should certainly take into account what a few buyers have noted about the tension feeling a bit tight.

Audio – Blare out your training music and playlists via the speakers at the front. Also included is a audio jack.

Weight capacity – Advised limit in this respect is three hundred pounds, which is inline with much of the competition in the fitness industry.

Quiet operation – If the level of noise produced is something you take into account, you’ll be pleased to hear we have come across feedback and reports that this is surprisingly quiet.

The bad

Stride length – For those of you who are taller than average, the listed stride length of sixteen inches may not be enough to truly stretch your strides out and feel at ease whilst exercising.

Sturdiness – Despite the reasonable weight limit listed previously, we came across a few complaints about this cross trainer not feeling sturdy and strong. This can be expected when you go lower down the price scale, but it doesn’t necessarily take away from the workout functionality included. If you want something heavy duty, you may be better off looking elsewhere.


Although the Xterra FS3.0 doesn’t contain an enormous set of features to help it compete with the commercial giants, for home use, and whilst on a budget, the twenty levels of resistance, and fourteen exercise programs could help it become a smart investment for your training regime.