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Universal E40 review

The E40 elliptical machine provides consumers with a inexpensive alternative to cardio training at a commercial gym, with the inclusion of some great specs.

It features both exercise applications and varying levels of tension to bring users a challenging experience that will test your stamina while also allowing you to understand an interpret performance through tracked data.

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The good

Resistance – For the immediate beginner to fitness, and even an intermediate user, it will provide a reasonable amount of tension to work with, totaling eight. Whilst it may not be up there with some of the advanced options in the industry found here, it’s still a decent choice for an entry level piece of home gym equipment and one that may ultimately help you get the ball rolling as you head towards your health goals.

Exercise programs – Like the range of resistance on offer, there is a reasonable amount of applications built in that will keep you busy. With seven in total, users will have the option to train with programs designed to test your fitness levels and keep things fresh and challenging.

Monitor heart rate – Keep tabs on and track your heart rate through using the built in grips at the front of the elliptical. These grips have special sensors that will record pulse data and send them through to the console at the front.

Console – The console contains an insight into how your striding is going. It will display some important readouts on the screen which include time, speed, calories, and distance. From this data alone, you can get an understanding of areas needing of improvement and chakllenge yourself to beat your best times and distances each week.

The bad

Weight capacity – While the frame is made of steel, it should still be noted that the manufacturers recommendation of maximum weight limit is 275 pounds, which is slightly below several options of a similar price range.

Exercise mat – Doesn’t come with an exercise mat to prevent scratches on  the floor surface. This can also reduce the amount it slips.

Lack of resistance – What can be seen as a positive for newbies, the resistance on offer can be seen as a negative for advanced levels of fitness. The reality is that there may not be enough tension levels to work with to keep you challenged. There are plenty of alternatives for those of you wanting more variety in this department.


After looking into the main specifications of the Universal E40 cross trainer, we come to the conclusion that this could make a good option for beginners looking to add to there fitness equipment collection.What we feel are the necessities of an elliptical are all included, with options for resistance, workout programs, and of course, a computer console to understand workout data.