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Elliptical trainer terminology

Adjustable stride length – Refers to the ability to reduce or increase the striding distance of the foot plates.

Console – This is the control panel located at the front of the machine. You will have access to various buttons and menus here.

Cross trainer – Another word for elliptical trainer. Commonly used in the United Kingdom. Learn more here.

Display – The screen located within the console area displaying all the workout data.

Exercise programs – Training applications built into the console that are essentially different workouts. Many modern apps are designed by personal trainers.

Fan – A fan that blows a gentle breeze onto the user as they workout.

Flywheel – This is the part of the machine that keeps the trainer operating smoothly. A heavier flywheel can often mean a higher quality product.

Front drive – Refers to models with the flywheel located towards the front. Learn more here.

Oversized foot peddles – The size of the area your feet are planted whilst striding.

Pulse grips – Sensors usually found on the arms or near the console area that read your heart rate.

Rear drive – Refers to models with the flywheel located towards the back. Learn more here.

Resistance – Refers to the tension of difficulty level of each stride. The higher you set this, the harder your workout.

Weight capacity – The manufacturers recommendation of how much weight it can handle. We suggest you remain within these boundaries.