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Sunny SF-E905 review

The SF-E905 elliptical machine gives users the freedom to work out at a difficulty of their choosing through the use of a micro tension control. It includes several other great exercise features such as recording your heart rate, a computer to track every bit of information about your latest workout session, and dual action arms to target the upper body.

This is a very affordable option for beginners, but at the same time, it may lack the advanced functionality regular gym goers are accustomed too.

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The good

Control over the tension – A small dial to adjust the difficulty level on the front end of the trainer. Choose between one to eight different levels.

Magnetic resistance – The magnetic style resistance offers a smooth, quiet, and fluid motion. Noise levels are something you should be looking into if you plan on exercising at home.

Heart rate tracking – You have the ability to monitor your pulse through hand grips. This heart rate data can be read on the computer display.

Computer console – An attached computer will tell users all about their current performance levels. Key statistics include the pulse functions mentioned above, along with the more common options of time, calories, distance, and stride speed.

Foot plates – The foot plate peddles are fitted with anti slip texture to reduce the chances of accidents occurring. They are also nice and large to accommodate many differing feet sizes.

Movable arms – The dual action arms at the front bring the upper body muscles into the movement, making it more of a full body cardio workout.

Compact – It’s not a particularly big product with dimensions of 37.8″ x 26.6″ x 60″ (Length x Width x Height). Will fit quite easily into your average sized room, and won’t take up much space when not in use.

Price – An inexpensive option that could be a great option for beginners and people looking for an entry level machine on a tight budget.

Consumer feedback – Looking through our sources across various online stores, we found it has plenty of positive feedback.

The bad

Weight capacity – With a recommended capacity of up to two hundred and twenty pounds, this won’t be the most solid and stable elliptical exercise machines you come across.

Lack of training programs – Aside from the handy performance tracking related to time, distance, speed, and calories, the¬†SF-E905 doesn’t offer much else built into the computer. Some more expensive models can sometimes come equipped with upwards of twenty exercise applications to keep things fun and fresh.

No equipment mat – If you care about the flooring in your house, you’re probably going to want to find a map that has two purposes. One, to prevent it sliding, and two, to prevent it damaging and scratching the floor. This is something you will have to purchase separately.


The design is quite standard as cheap cross trainers go. The dual action arms, with two stationary handles on the inside of them for taking your pulse readings. The foot plates offer some nice anti slippage features and offer plenty of excess size. Additionally, levelers are located at both the front and back of the machine to keep things stable whilst striding.

The two hundred and twenty pound limit doesn’t really suggest there is strength and durability in the frame, but still enough for your average sized person.

Exercise features

Whilst you can’t expect a product from this price tier to contain the technology and functionality found on the best selling, expensive, options, you can expect a good amount for beginners and intermediate users.

Sunny Health & Fitness still manage to offer a respectable amount of training features for quite a low price. The inclusion of micro adjustable tension is a nice touch and allows people to make their training more challenging based on how they are feeling.

Additionally, the movable arms at the front, along with the foot plates, will work together to ensure both your upper and lower body get a good workout.

Console and data tracking

The console is one of the areas we first look at. That’s because the data tracked can be used in a number of ways to help you improve upon previous results and make progress. The computer console in this models case will display readings from the pulse sensor grips, alongside information about your speed, time taken, calories burned, and total distance.

Wrapping up

Overall, the Sunny SF-E905 is an elliptical we feel includes many of the key features needed for an entry level option, but lacks the workout programs, technology, and stride length for more advanced users to get an effective training session out of it. Worth considering if you’re a beginner, casual user, or not looking to spend too much on new cardio equipment.