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Sunny SF-E3416 review

The SF-E3416 may not be the most powerful or heavy duty elliptical exercise machine in the industry, but it does hold it’s own against many of the lower tier home fitness products that are more affordable.

Some of it’s best features include a helpful LCD display console that will track your workouts, and a good amount of resistance for a beginner or intermediate strider to work with. We’ve found from our research that many of its reviews found online are positive, which isn’t something that’s always guaranteed in this price band.

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Listed below is the findings of our research. It’s carried out by looking for specific specifications and functionality to see how it may help or hinder your training.

The good

First things first, we noted that the dual action handlebars will give you a much more full range of motion and ensure your upper bodies muscle groups, along with the lower, are brought into the striding motion. Essentially, this will help in pushing your body harder, and help you shed those excess pounds, or improve your stamina, whichever your training goals are.

Includes a LCD computer monitor that offers the standard, but necessary functionality for tracking understanding your progress with each stride. The key information fed back to the screen includes time, distance, speed, heart rate, and how many calories you have burned since you started exercising.

For tracking the heart rate mentioned above, you will be able to grip specifically designed sensors that will record your pulse and send the information to the console for you to monitor.

You have the option to switch up the difficulty levels between easier, light tension, and harder, heavier tension. In total, there are eight different levels, which may not be at the dizzying heights of some of the leading elliptical machines on the market, but for the affordable price, there is more than enough for people who are just starting out, or those of you looking to casually train from home in their spare time.

With regards to the tension above, the SF-E3416 operates on magnetic style resistance, which offers a much more smooth, reliable, and quiet motion which is ideal for those looking to train in multi purpose environments such as the dining area.

The foot plates play an important role in keeping you safe whilst working out. They contain anti slip properties that reduce the chance of the user hurting or injuring themselves. They are also naturally over sized to ensure people with larger feet are accommodated.

Provides a reasonably compact design with dimensions listed as 55 inches in length x 23.5 inches in width x 63.5 inches in height by the manufacturer. Great for people looking for something to fit in small rooms.

Decent amount of positive feedback with high ratings is always a positive sign. The number of good reviews by far outweigh the negatives.

The bad

For people with a more advanced level of fitness, the eight levels of micro tension will be a little on the low side. However, unless you’re willing to invest significantly more than this price range, you’re unlikely to find the level of quality needed in tension control, and advanced training applications.

Although there isn’t much complaints about it, the recommended weight capacity of 250 pounds calls into question how sturdy and durable this elliptical is. Keep an open mind, but don’t expect a commercial grade frame.

Wrapping up

The Sunny SF-E3416 could be a great match for those not wanting to dig too deep into their pockets, but still retain a reasonable amount of exercise functionality to get a good workout from home. We believe there is value to be found in this product, with a good mixture of resistance and tracking to keep you motivated in hitting your fitness targets.