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Sole E25 review

With some fantastic features included within the spec, it’s only natural the Sole E25 has gained traction across various sources online. Consumer feedback across the board all point towards a good quality elliptical machine that has plenty of readily available training functions.

Not only that, but an above average stride length is something that’s sought after by taller users in order to satisfy their naturally larger than average striding length. In this models case, it will max out at twenty two inches, which is pretty good for the price range.

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The good

Adjustable stride length – The inclusion of a power adjusting striding length between twenty and twenty two inches.

Heart rate monitoring – The ability to monitor your pulse through the heart rate sensors located on the stationary handles at the front of the machine.

Weight capacity – A weight limit recommendation of up to 350 pounds suggests frame is strong and durable.

Warranty policy – You’re covered for life on any problems on the frame. Then you are covered for three years on parts and electronics respectively.

The bad

Workout programs – Compared with several others in the same price range, this product does seem a bit short in this respect, with six standard options, two custom, and two heart rate based.

Not for low budgets – This is the type of cross trainer that doesn’t come cheap. Users working with a low budget may want to look elsewhere.


A front drive elliptical with heavy duty, durable rails to give users a strong platform from which to train on. The flywheel weight of twenty pounds and its eddy current resistance will help with keeping user strides fluid, stable, and probably most important of all, smooth.

The recommended weight limit of three hundred and fifty pounds by Sole Fitness, demonstrates why we believe its durable, and built to stand the test of time. You will find much of the competition in those designed for a home environment hover around the three hundred pound mark.

The footplate peddle size is extremely important. Ideally, you want something over sized, and the E25 delivers just that with fifteen inch peddles that give users enough space to adjust foot position ever so slightly. Being restricted in this department can have an impact on how comfortable you feel striding. In fact, the peddles themselves have a fantastic little design touch. They come with a two degree inward slope that is meant to further reduce and absorb impact your joints take on board, from an already impact reducing piece of cardio equipment.

Additionally, you will be treated to a gentle, cooling breeze whilst training thanks to the built in fan that gets controlled from the console area.

The dimensions listed are as follows: 27 x 58 x 71 inches (Width x Height x Depth).

Exercise options

The amount of training functionality included within an elliptical trainer can make or break a product. After all, what’s the point in having a first class design if it lacks the performance features needed to get a lung busting workout?

The E25 offers two great ways to up the intensity of any cardio session, through the use of incline and resistance levles. The ECB resistance, and mimicking a hill climb are great ways to mix your training up and keep thing challenging. What’s more, a lot of this is push button functionality within the console.

Console and display

Offers some top technology in the console that will help you progress at a pace you are comfortable with. Despite being quite limited in how many exercise applications come built in, it does offer many of what we consider to be necessities for this tier, which are heart rate tracking, and a multitude of standard and custom options.

The screen in the center measure six and a half inches, and will let you know what training program you are currently using, the amount of calories burned, distance, resistance level, incline setting, time, and RPM. Once you place your hands on the grip sensors located on the handles, you will also find your pulse readings here too.

Wrapping up

The Sole E25 comes with several options built in that can really help consumers improve the direction their weight loss journey is going. If you can find the motivation and consistency to diet and train on a regular basis, this elliptical exercise machine will offer several great pieces of workout technology that keep things intensive, and effective.