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Schwinn 470 review

The 470 elliptical contains some brilliant applications to help you get your training regime on track. It comes with twenty nine differing apps that help you, the user, focus on getting the results they need.

Additionally, several training features stand out with twenty five levels of magnetic style resistance, and the ability to use the incline to increase the difficulty of your workouts.

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Looking at the design of an elliptical trainer can tell you quite a lot about what you can expect in terms of comfort and durability. For instance, a twenty inch stride length along with large foot plates, and a user weight limit of three hundred pounds tells us to expect – to a certain extent, a strong, sturdy platform that clearly takes into account how comfortable someone will be whilst training on it.

The 470 is a front drive elliptical trainer which means the flywheel and main mechanism that operates the plates are located towards the front of the machine. These are quite common, especially in those designed for home use, as they don’t take up too much space.

Requires access to a power outlet to run. Will operate fine on the standard 110v-120v electrical circuits. All the equipment, adapters etc. come with the trainer.

Exercise features

Contains a wide variety of training options that will help push you outside your comfort levels and get the results you long for with consistency. Operating on eddy current style resistance, this elliptical cross trainer gives you a vast amount of choice in tension levels, twenty five in total, making it perfect for people of all fitness levels.

In addition to the resistance, you will also find a great deal of choice in the amount of exercise programs. Listed as twenty nine by the manufacturer, Schwinn, each seem to come with a specific purpose, or fit a different training requirement.

Of these twenty nine applications, twelve are profile specific, nine focus on pulse / heart rate, four have the option to be fully customized, and two are designed to test your endurance levels.

Also included is a motorized ramp or incline that enable users to make their workouts a bit tougher. You can add up to ten degrees on the climb to make things that little bit more challenging.

Dual action arms are also included, bringing other muscles into the workout. So, if your looking for something that provides a excellent cardio workout, alongside having the ability to tone upper and lower body muscles, this could be a great match.


The console and display are quite straight forward, and contain most of the things you would come to expect from a modern elliptical. A LCD display that contains up to thirteen different readings and statistics about a users current workout session. In terms of tracking performances, this is a fully capable console.

Within the readouts mentioned above, you can track everything related to distance, time, and calories. It also has compatibility with many great fitness applications such as MyFitnessPal.

The buttons and menus are pretty straight forward too. They are well labelled, easy to see, and offer quick start options to save time.

Accessories and additional features

Other notable inclusions are the workout fan located on the console area to keep a gentle breeze blowing on you in those more intensive training sessions. This has three different speeds too.

Also, acoustic speakers allow the user to play audio directly from the 470. However, we recommend looking into getting something separate for that purpose, as stand alone options tend to be more effective and offer better sound quality.

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