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Schwinn 430 review

Quite simply, the 430 elliptical is a mid range cross trainer that will provide the necessities for a great cardio workout. We believe the specifications speaks for itself, with an excellent range of choice in how you train. You only have to glance at the included exercise programs, incline, and resistance to understand that.

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A front drive elliptical with some promising design features that could make it an ideal pick for home use. The low step on height makes it easily accessible, plus the high speed, high inertia, perimeter weighted flywheel will add the consistency and fluid motion for everyday use.

Includes a twenty inch stride length, which is above the industry average in machines designed for home use and ensure taller users are taken into account. This is something that can be overlooked by manufacturers and a great addition.

Exercise features

Twenty difficulty levels included. Operates on eddy current resistance, all of which can get changed digitally on the console. While this may not provide the variety some high end machines offer, it should be plenty for casual and home users looking to burn off calories and fit in training sessions among a busy schedule.

The 430 also includes twenty two exercise applications which can be used for various purposes including endurance and monitoring heart rate. In fact, nine of these are profile based, eight concentrate on user heart rate, two are custom, one is quick start, and a final two are based around testing how fit you are.

You can also mix up your workouts by adding in a extra level of intensity through the use of its incline ramp. Users can train on a climb of up to ten degrees using three differing positions. An excellent way to target slightly different muscle fibers and keep your body guessing.


The console at the front contains all the necessary menus and controls to switch between the various resistances and training functions listed above. The LCD display will give an insight into user performance with key readouts showing RPM, distance covered, calories, speed, pulse, and several others including pulse which can be read using the contact grips built in.

What’s more, quick start buttons make things user friendly and hassle free. Sometimes after a hard days work, you just want to get going, without messing around with the configurations.

Accessories and additional features

The Schwinn 430 comes with some fantastic extras that will really help in enhancing your exercise experience. This ranges from cushioned footplates, through to an integrated acoustic sound system and USB ports. There are also water bottle holding slots along with a cooling workout fan at the front.

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