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ProGear 300LS review

Looking to build a home gym working with a limited or a low budget? Then the ProGear 300LS could lay the foundations for your cardio training. Featuring a good range of exercise options that include tension adjustments through a dial, pulse readings and sensors, and a great little console to track time, speed, and several others which are detailed below.

Whilst you can’t have massive expectations of an elliptical machine in this price range, it will offer the performance functionality many beginners and intermediate users require to hit their personal fitness targets, and the consumer reports and feedback tend to back that up.

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To give our readers a better idea of what’s included we highlight as many of the positives and negatives below which will ideally help you make a more informed decision.

The good

Gives people a choice in how difficult the resistance is through the tension dial located at the front of the machine. Up the challenge and intensity gradually to work towards your goals.

The inclusion of a console is quite common in the sports equipment industry today. However, that doesn’t take away from the fact that the 300LS air elliptical includes much of the important tracking functionality people require including the recording of calories burned off, distance covered, time taken, heart rate monitoring, and speed.

The system measures your heart rate above by making use of the pulse sensors located on the stationary arms at the front. Data is then fed to the computer mentioned above from which you can get a fairly accurate reading of your pulse.

The peddles are large enough to accommodate many differing feet sizes and are designed to specifically prevent users slipping.

Other useful additions include transportation wheels to make storage simple, and a water bottle holder.

Should you want something with a space saving design, this could be a good match with dimensions of 33 inches in length x 19 inches in width x 46 inches in height.

The bad

The fourteen inch stride length isn’t particularly long, and may be an issue for tall people with longer legs. If you are of an above average height, you may want to go for something offering 18 inches upwards for more comfort and allowing you to stretch your strides out a bit.

Whilst there may be enough resistance for beginners to train with, people with advanced levels of fitness may want to look for something with extra challenges such as incline and numerous exercise applications.

A common problem people encounter with lower tier models, is that they outgrow hem eventually, and find themselves searching for a new machine quite quickly. However, as this is already a cheap option, you’re not going to lose out too much in upgrading when it comes to it.

For the majority of users the recommended weight capacity of 275 pounds will be sufficient. However, there are certain products that offer around 400 pounds in this respect, so you are potentially missing out on a sturdier, stronger model.

Wrapping up

The ProGear 300LS Air elliptical may not be the most advanced option available. However, for the price, there is a good amount of value to be found through adjustable tension, a simple but compact design, and of course the ability to monitor performance using the computer console. An excellent choice for users wishing to conduct their cardio from home with a small budget.