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ProForm elliptical reviews

ProForm are a industry leading and respected brand name, and for good reason. They have consistently released gym equipment that gets solid ratings and feedback around the web, including their elliptical machines. We have reviewed several of our favorites from this brand below.

It falls under the umbrella of the well known ICON Health and Fitness brand, who’re also one of the biggest manufacturers in the industry.

Compare ProForm elliptical trainers

9.0 NE2228
12.0 NE2432
520 E1818
720 E
920 E
935 E
650 LE168 week program
7.0 RE
1110 E2532
14.0 Mme
695 CSE2024
495 CSE1818

ProForm 9.0 NE – Includes a 325 pound user weight limit, and comes with plenty of purpose built design features to keep users comfortable. Among those are the cushioned, large footplate peddles. The stride can be adjusted slightly and their are plenty of ways through the console to track your current performance levels.

ProForm 12.0 NE – There are an extensive set of exercise applications built into the computer, thirty two in total. Coupled with this is twenty four levels of magnetic resistance that will provide a smooth and fluid striding motion that is easy on your joints.

ProForm Endurance 520 E – Good console and tracking technology included within the computer, and decent levels of tension and training options like incline settings.

ProForm 650 LE – With the inclusion of an eight week weight loss program, and sixteen different levels of tension, this could be the model you need to push yourself past your comfort zone.

Rear drive models

These models have the flywheel motor based at the back end which is a favored position by many users. Among the many elliptical machines to fall into this drive system are the SmartStrider series, which includes the 535, 735, and 935.

Front drive models

Again, each type of drive system has its advantages and benefits, with the front drive series flywheel located at the front end. Among the ranges which use this as part of their design is the Endurance series which includes the 520 E and 720 E.

The good

Build quality – There has been several occasions we have come across an elliptical from ProForm, the frame, materials used, and weight capacity are generally of a high quality.

Console technology – Many machines come with some great functions and technology on the console to help users effectively track progress and change up their workouts quickly and efficiently.

Warranty policies – They usually offer a good warranty policy covering you for lifetime use on the frame and year(s) on parts and electronics.

The bad

iFit compatibility – Some buyers expect to have iFit automatically when they purchase a new cross trainer. And whilst they are compatible with it, they often need users to purchase a subscription service and wireless module to get full access to the service.

Wrapping up

The amount of choice ProForm offer consumers is fantastic. They have some great products for people who prefer both front and rear drive, as well as plenty of tracking and exercise features. They are low impact, and generally operate quietly.