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ProForm Smart Strider 695 CSE Review

The 695 CSE from the Smart Strider range operates on a rear drive mechanism and could work well as a cardio machine for getting your training done at home. The design is specifically made to minimize the overall footprint thanks to its ability to fold, and it contains a number of things that will get you working up a sweat in no time with a solid set of exercise apps and functions built in.

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Main Features

There are plenty of good elliptical machines on the market, but what makes one particular model stand out from its competitors? We take a look into this models specs and functionality to help you understand what it’s capable of and whether or not its a good fit for you.

iFit Coach – If you have a iFit membership, you can utilize a computer or tablet to make the most out of your workouts. Combine training with Google maps and workout programs to make your exercise sessions more enjoyable.

Space saving – Thanks to its collapsible, folding design, you can save plenty of floor space which is great news for people living in smaller households.

Dual action arms – The handlebars are made to be movable taking it away from just a lower body workout, and making it a suitable option for hitting your upper body too. The grips on each handle have soft grips for added comfort.

Exercise programs – In total, you have a decent number of exercise programs to train through. Twenty four all together. These are made by professionals with the aim to enhance the experience and improve results.

Stride length – An eighteen inch stride length may not be the longest out there, but its sufficient for the average sized user to enjoy full strides that really stretch your legs out.

Incline – Utilize up to ten degrees of incline to target different muscle fibers and add a little intensity into the mix.

Resistance – It doesn’t matter if your a complete beginner to training, or someone super fit, the twenty magnetic resistance levels will give users from all backgrounds something to push themselves. This is all controlled digitally via its console.

Fan – Find yourself exercising in unbearable heat at times? This is equipped with a fan at the front that will blow cooling air onto you as you stride.

Weight Capacity – It can handle people who weigh up to three hundred pounds.

Wrapping up

Ultimately, most peoples end goal when they are shopping is to find a machine that will last and provide a decent enough challenge for you to improve endurance, lose weight, and tighten your muscles by toning. And while the 695 CSE isn’t the most feature rich, it’s a medium tier option that won’t require you to break the bank to get your hands on, but at the same time, still provide you with everything you need to get in shape.

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