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ProForm Smart Strider 495 CSE Review

The ProForm Smart Strider 495 CSE is a rear drive elliptical containing a number of great features which will help you work towards improved fitness results. You can expect advanced tracking, a solid number of workout applications, alongside several ways which consumers can increase the difficulty.

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Main features

As someone who has bought a lot of fitness equipment over the years, you get a rough idea of manufacturers which are reputable and those that are not. Proform are one of the better options in this industry due to amount of features usually included. Lets highlight the main specifications from this model below.

Resistance – Undoubtedly an important feature in any piece of exercise equipment, the resistance, or the ability to make your strides feel heavier is going to play a role in increasing the overall intensity of your training sessions. The more levels available to you, the more you can gradually work your way through. This unit offers eighteen in total, which is far from the most,  but for a mid range price point, it’s not bad at all.

Exercise apps – Utilize the eighteen apps built into the console to help you push yourself to a zone which you’re not as comfortable with. They are designed by industry professionals and encourage you in setting yourself fitness targets.

Console – Always look at the things included within the console. It can make the difference between your workouts being boring or exciting. This model comes iFit ready, which is an advanced application which allows you to utilize Google Maps and multiple fitness libraries to reach your goals.

Stride length – For the average user, its eighteen inch stride length will be enough. There are options available that provide a little extra length, but for the average user, this shall be sufficient.

Transport wheels – If you don’t have a permanent location to conduct your training, then you will be undoubtedly need to move it around the house a number of times. This is where little inclusions such as the transportation wheels can make a big difference.

Folding – A folding design enables it to take up less space, a common request for many.

Upper body – Unlike some static arms, this one comes with movable ones which allow users to train there upper bodies muscle groups in addition to the lower body. Making it a full body cardio session.

Wrapping up

For the price point, the 495 CSE elliptical machine has a lot of positive things going for it. Enough training features for both beginners and advanced users alike, and the ability to effectively track your data through the console.

9.0 NE2228
12.0 NE2432
520 E1818
720 E
920 E
935 E
650 LE168 week program
7.0 RE
1110 E2532
14.0 Mme
695 CSE2024
495 CSE1818