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ProForm Pro 9.9 Review

The ProForm Pro 9.9 is a front drive machine that features a decently sized stride length at twenty one inches. What’s more, this can be adjusted to meet different users needs in the household.  Combine this with its numerous workout programs and tension controls, and the result is a product which challenges and pushes you towards your weight loss and fitness targets.

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Main Features

This brand produce some great ellipticals for home use. The 9.9 is no different, with built in technology and options to help users make the most of their cardio sessions to improve stamina, lose weight, and tone up muscles. We take a look at some of the functions and its design below to help you decide whether or not it’s right for you.

Exercise programs – There is sixteen performance based apps alongside sixteen calorie based to provide thirty two in total. Plenty to keep you on your toes. The ability to switch between different workouts and goals every day will help in keeping people motivated.

Resistance and incline – Increase the difficulty of your training session by combining both resistance and incline settings. You can set the ramp at a climb of up to ten degrees, and the tension between zero and twenty four. Both get controlled digitally via the console menus at the front.

Flywheel – The 28 pound flywheel isn’t the heaviest option we’ve come across, but it’s enough for a fast gear ratio and to provide a smoother striding motion that lessens the impact on your knees.

Stride length – Whilst you may no doubt find several products with small striding lengths, this one caters for people who have longer strides. Its maximum is twenty one inch, however, this can be adjusted to fit the requirements of multiple users.

Peddles – The foot plate area is large enough to accommodate the majority of foot sizes, and they are cushioned to absorb much of the impact you ten to find on other cardio machines like treadmills.

Transport wheels – Say you’ve installed it in a room you don’t plan on exercising in, it comes with wheels at the front that enables users to simply tilt and roll it to a more convenient location in your home.

Weight limit – The recommended weight capacity as suggested by the manufacturer is three hundred and fifty pounds.

Easy to install – Some elliptical trainers are problematic for people in terms of setting up and how confusing that can get. This model requires minimal assembly time thanks to it being almost set up in its box and ready to go within minutes.

Wrapping up

We feel that the Pro 9.9 could be a sensible choice for users looking for a unit that makes your cardio training much more convenient. Looking at the features and settings, there is plenty of things to work with to help you push yourselves, with numerous apps, tensions, and of course the incline.

9.0 NE2228
12.0 NE2432
520 E1818
720 E
920 E
935 E
650 LE168 week program
7.0 RE
1110 E2532
14.0 Mme
695 CSE2024
495 CSE1818