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ProForm Pro 16.9 Review

The ProForm Pro 16.9 contains some good training functionality to help you achieve the weight loss and fitness results you’ve been looking for. You can utilize its ramp, many programs, and tension controls to make your workouts more challenging from home.

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Main features

If you’re new to shopping for fitness equipment, read our ProForm elliptical buying guide here. They offers a wide range of products, some better than others, but it’s always smart to research into what’s available to you before you decide to buy anything. On the whole, this is a mid range model, which has some solid inclusions which we will list below.

Front drive – It operates on a front drive mechanism, which leaves it with a reasonably small footprint.

Computer display – It’s got a slightly larger display than the 12.9 measuring at ten inches, but it shares similarities both function and feature wise, meaning it’s touchscreen, full color, and iFit enabled too. If you choose to, you can watch television whilst working out.

It should be noted that the general feedback that most consoles provide these days regarding training data is also included, with calories burned off, distance, speed, time taken, and pulse all monitored. With a good plan, you can best utilize these figures to improve results and performance each month. Meaning it can serve as a motivational purpose if you consistently try to break personal record for things like distance and time.

Incline settings – Adjust the normal flat stride pattern to something a little bit more difficult using the ramp. Change it up between zero and twenty degrees to keep things fresh and challenging, and most importantly, keep those leg muscles guessing.

Construction materials – The frame uses steel which adds to the durability of the product. This is further highlighted by its 375 pound weight capacity. This is a heavier duty option than many of its competitors.

Handlebars – Not only is there sensors on the handles that will record your resting and active heart rate, they also bring your upper body into the movement too thanks to moving arms.

Resistance – A decent amount of resistance available, twenty six in total. All of which are controllable from the console menus digitally.

Workout apps – Thirty five differing exercise programs providing users with a fresh set of challenges to work through.

Peddles and stride – The stride is adjustable in length, allowing up to twenty inches which will be sufficient for the majority of users. What’s more, the peddles are cushioned and oversized for the purpose of user comfort and impact absorption.

Extras – Handy water bottle holder built in, along with transportation wheels to make it simpler to move around the house when required.

Warranty policy – The frame has lifetime coverage, the various moving parts have 6 years, and any labor requirements is covered for 3 years.

Wrapping up

Overall, the Pro 16.9 elliptical machine is certainly an option for those wanting to do their cardio from home. Solid steel construction, some great functionality, and made by a reputable brand are just a few of the positives to take away. Not particularly cheap, so not suitable for people working with a small budget.

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12.0 NE2432
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650 LE168 week program
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