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ProForm Pro 12.9 review

The ProForm Pro 12.9 offers numerous qualities that people looking to conduct their exercise sessions from home can benefit from. From a large LCD display at the front, through to the different challenges it presents in terms of intensity and difficulty levels, this could be a suitable match for your cardio requirements.

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Main Features

We’re constantly reviewing new ProForm ellipticals here, so we already know about the brand and its reputation. Of course, there have been a few products released over the years that weren’t a big hit with consumers, but for the most part, there is plenty of good things to take from their products. We look at some of the things the 12.9 brings to the table below.

Computer display – A large LCD monitor – seven inches in size, that has plenty of technology advancements. This is a color touch screen, which has iFit coach enabled. This will include numerous things to make your training more interesting and keep you motivated. For example, the Google map route inclusions are a nice touch. Couple with the fact that it’s web enabled allowing you to share your fitness progress with your friends and family.

It also monitors things that will ultimately help you progress and see how your performances have improved as the months go by. Time, distance, speed and more are all able to be tracked through the screen.

Exercise programs – Thirty five workout apps are built into the console designed to aid you in achieving your training goals. The idea behind these applications is to provide users with professionally designed challenges to keep you motivated.

Resistance – Whilst not the biggest number of tension levels we’ve come across in our research, the twenty six digital levels is great for intermediate users and beginners to work through at their own pace. What’s more, because they operate on a magnetic system, the noise levels will be minimal.

Incline – While there is plenty in the form of resistance to make your training a little bit more intensive, the additional ramp of up to twenty degrees will add what will feel like hill climbing into the mix. This will help you target different muscle fibers.

Stride length – If you live in a household which will require differing stride lengths for a range of different heights, you’re in luck. This model includes an adjustable stride which will go up to twenty inches.

Heart rate – Measure and record your pulse using the pulse sensors located on the handlebars. Just like all the other exercise data, this rate will be fed back to the screen for you to view.

Fan – While striding can get intensive and sweaty, rest assured there is a built in workout fan designed to keep you cool. It operates at two separate speeds and can be controlled using the menus on its console.

Flywheel – The thirty two pound flywheel is made to keep strides smooth, fluid, and consistent.

User weight limit – The manufacturer guidelines say that three hundred and fifty pounds is the maximum weight this elliptical machine can carry. With a commercial gauge steel material used on its frame and design, you can expect a stable and sturdy platform to train on.

Wrapping up

The Pro 12.9 may be categorized in the mid to upper tier budget range, but it has good reason for that. With an impressive set of specs and good functionality that will help you push yourself to lose weight and tone up, this could be worth the investment.

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12.0 NE2432
520 E1818
720 E
920 E
935 E
650 LE168 week program
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14.0 Mme
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