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ProForm Endurance 920 E review

Are you on the hunt for a cardio trainer that is easy on the knees and presents a number of different exercise challenges? Then the 920 E elliptical machine may be ideal for your needs.

A front drive operation along with a good amount of workout programs lay the foundations users need to get fitter. There is also a considerable amount of functionality built into the console to ensure you get a detailed overview of your exercise results on a computer display.

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The good

Stride length – The inclusion of a twenty inch stride length will give users with longer legs a chance to stretch there strides out and not feel too limited. What’s more, this is also power adjustable making it well suited for a family household with multiple users of differing heights using it every day.

Weight capacity – We consider the average weight limit in this range to be around the 300 pound mark. This model edges slightly over that at 325 pounds and makes a case of offering a stable platform for doing your cardio exercise at home. Looking at the commercial gauge, steel frame, you can expect a durable end product too.

Exercise applications – It comes with an impressive thirty two workout programs can be found on the consoles system. These apps are designed by qualified personal trainers to give you the best chance of making good progress with your stamina and fitness.

Large computer display – Includes a seven inch display which has some great inclusions such as being a touch screen and displayed in full color. Additionally, the common readouts are all accessible and visible on the screen and include calories burned, speed, time, distance, and information about your pulse which can be read by using the EKG sensors on the handles.

Resistance – It enables you to change up the difficulty of your cardio through the console digitally with a decent selection of tension levels built in. In total, there are twenty four levels of magnetic style resistance which will ensure you are provided with a good range of intensity to help you make the most of your training potential and offer reasonably quiet operation too.

Incline settings – Want to add an extra layer of difficulty to your workouts? Then you will certainly appreciate the adjustable ramp which can be switched up between zero and twenty degrees to give users a similar feeling of climbing a hill.

Foot plates – The peddles are built to  be adjustable and designed to cater for a wide audience and amount of foot sizes. They are over sized which is perfect for environments where there will be several different users exercising.

Fan – Comes equipped with a very handy two speed fan to blow a gentle, cooling breeze onto you body as you train.

Transport wheels – Dislike doing the heavy lifting when moving gym equipment? Then the attached transportation wheels will come as a welcome addition to you. These wheels are located at the front and are easy to use. Simply tilt and roll.

The bad

Not cheap – What you often find when shopping for a new elliptical is that the more training features built in, the higher the price tag. And that can be a problem for many. If you’re looking for a low budget option, this machine is not recommended.

No mat – This doesn’t come with a anti slip, or floor protective mat. This will have to be purchased separately and is something that should be done if you don’t want damaged flooring.

Wrapping up

Overall, the Endurance 920 E ticks many of the boxes we look for when searching for quality. You have an excellent set of specifications that include plenty of ways to keep people challenged, and a good frame that will help it withstand day to day wear and tear. A sensible option for your home gym if it falls within your budget range.

9.0 NE2228
12.0 NE2432
520 E1818
720 E
920 E
935 E
650 LE168 week program
7.0 RE
1110 E2532
14.0 Mme
695 CSE2024
495 CSE1818