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ProForm 9.0 NE review

Those of you familiar with this brand will know that they offer a diverse range of fitness equipment that covers all the bases in helping you get in shape. The 9.0 NE elliptical is no different,  Including some terrific technology, functionality, and designs to enhance user experience and produce the results consumers are looking for.

If you’re after an intensive cardio session at home, this could be perfect thanks to the twenty two levels of tension, twenty eight exercise apps, and various incline settings to mimic hill climbing.

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To help our readers get a thorough, and in depth understanding of how this elliptical trainer can be beneficial to your training, we have outlined several of the stand out advantages and disadvantages below.

The good

A good amount of resistance should be something you keep tabs on at the forefront of your decision making process. It comes with twenty two digital levels built in that can be controlled electronically through the console buttons. What’s more, the fact that it operates on a magnetic style of tension allows it to be relatively noise free.

The inclusion of a power adjustable stride length on this elliptical is a nice addition. It can be switched up to twenty inches make it a great option for people of an above average height.

The foot plates, or peddles are built to ensure users feet are comfortable in the striding movement. They are both cushioned and over sized to ensure people are at ease in longer cardio training sessions.

If you’ve ever found yourself wanting a bit of an extra challenge to stay motivated and determined in reaching your training goals, then the twenty eight additional exercise applications built into the console will work a treat. Not only this, but a six inch display will tell the user all they need to know about their performances and areas they can improve upon by recording workout data.

A 325 pounds user weight limit shows the durability factor is there. Not quite commercial grade, even though it has a steel construction, but good enough for withstanding heavy use in your home gym environment.

Handy extras include a water bottle holder, transportation wheels, and iPod ports for blaring out your latest exercise tracks. Technology wise, it does appear to have you covered, it even comes with a tablet holder.

Offers a decent warranty policy that keeps users covered for the lifetime on the frame, three on the various moving parts, and one year on labor.

The bad

Compared to some of the most popular ellipticals in the industry, there is not much in the form of feedback on various retailers we have researched into so far. This isn’t something that’s a deal breaker, but something which should make you want to proceed with caution simply because it doesn’t seem to have come under the same scrutiny as some of the best sellers available.

Another drawback is that it’s not cheap. Those of you hoping to buy gym equipment on a small budget won’t find the solution in this model.

Wrapping up

For a slightly more advanced training session from home, the 9.0 NE could potentially be the product you have been waiting for. It offers all the functionality you would expect from a mid to upper tier option, and will certainly provide a strong, stable platform for your cardio. However, be wary about the lack of reviews, and ensure you take enough time to understand whether or not it’s a good match for your room size, training goals, and budget.

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12.0 NE2432
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650 LE168 week program
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