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ProForm 7.0 RE review

There are several functions found within elliptical machines that should be looked at carefully if you want to ensure you get a good product capable of pushing you outside your fitness comfort zone.

At first glance, the ProForm 7.0 RE clearly has some decent features listed within the spec that will ultimately aid users in their quest to conduct their cardio session at home. With a good combination of workout applications and resistance, you have many of the basics built in whilst remaining reasonably affordable too.

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Main features

So, what can you expect, capability wise, once unpackaged? We take a look at the specifications in detail below.

Stride length – An average stride length of eighteen inches is around about what many cross trainers operate at in this price range. It’s not the most suitable for people who are tall, or have longer legs than average, but for a reasonably cheap option built for home use, it will suffice for the average user. There are many pricier option available that offer longer striding options, many of which you will find by visiting our elliptical page.

Workout applications – Sometimes, cardio equipment can lack ways to keep people interested in training and pushing towards hitting their fitness targets. An added incentive here is the fourteen built in workout apps that will help users concentrate on getting results and ultimately, aim for something.

Resistance – Like the apps, this machine comes with fourteen differing tension levels to work through. This is a reasonable amount that isn’t quite at the high end, but there is still a solid number to work through for beginners and intermediates.

Dual arms – If you’re looking for the full body experience, the movable arms that combine with the peddles will give you just that. This will bring your arms, and shoulders into the routine too.

Console – Will offer people an insight into current speed, calories you’re burning off, and amount of time your session has taken. This data will appear on the blue LCD screen at the front.

Heart rate – Handy pulse grips will record users resting and active heart rates by utilizing sensors on the front handles.

Warranty – You’re get covered by up to five years on the frame. Additionally, you get up to ninety days coverage o n any labor costs and working parts.

Additional design features – Comes equipped with a water bottle holder, and has useful transport wheels to make the movement of the trainer a lot simpler.

Dimensions and weight capacity – Product measures at 52 inches by 25.5 inches by 15 inches. The manufacturer says that this is built specifically for people who weigh up to 250 pounds. Anything above that and you run the risk of running into performance issues or even breaking parts.


Overall, the 7.0 RE elliptical offers a basic platform for people hoping to start up a fitness journey without all the added costs of commuting to and from a gym as well as rising membership fees. There are a good amount of resistance to train with, and plenty of programs to keep you busy. One worth keeping tabs on if you have a mid to lower range budget level.

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7.0 RE
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