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Proform 14.0 Mme review

The 14.0 Mme elliptical machine contains several pieces of training technology that can help make a difference in the results you get whilst exercising at home.

Not only can you get the benefit of a impact absorbing workout session, but you also have a nice selection of programs, resistance, and a adjustable stride length to ensure the foot plates can be positioned for multiple users.

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Main features

Construction – The build and construction, along with the materials used are always important as far as durability and weight capacity are concerned. This model can handle user weights of up to three hundred and twenty five pounds.

Stride length – The stride can be adjusted up to eighteen inches which is around about average for this price band.

Workout applications – Like many options from this brand, you have exercise apps built into the console to work with. In fact, you can choose to exercise along with a professionally designed eight week program, or you can train through individual ones. The choice is yours. One thing it will provide is an extra layer of things to aim for and improve upon.

Drive system – Unlike the many of the popular cross trainers in the industry that favor rear and front drive mechanism’s, this one operates on a center drive system, which as a result, doesn’t take up as much space length ways. The downside to that, is you can expect it to be wider than average. But overall, reasonably compact, measuring at 50 inches in length by 34.5 inches in width by 62.75in height.

Resistance – Includes sixteen levels of resistance in total. A good amount for beginners and intermediates to choose from. But people who are already in top shape may find this quite limited for them.

Console – Like many products before it, this model contains a console area that has a computer display that will help people track all the necessary exercise data. Among this data, users will find information about time taken, distance covered, speed, and several other pieces of useful feedback. Additionally, the surrounding area of this display has all the menus needed to control your workouts from resistance, through to programs, and even a cooling fan.

Warranty – The warranty policy includes ninety days coverage on labor and parts.

Wrapping up

For those of you wanting a low impact way to train from home, without all the hassle that goes side by side with attending a commercial gym, then the Proform 14.0 Mme may be a good match. The on board technological features such as the training programs are good selling points that will help you push yourself towards where you want to be. And while falling into the mid tier price range, it could be worth researching into further.

9.0 NE2228
12.0 NE2432
520 E1818
720 E
920 E
935 E
650 LE168 week program
7.0 RE
1110 E2532
14.0 Mme
695 CSE2024
495 CSE1818