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ProForm 12.0 NE review

For those of you who appreciate multiple upper body grip positions and the ability to work with a wide range of training functions from the comfort of your own home, then the 12.0 NE elliptical could be a good match for you.

Along with its lower impact properties, this machine also comes with a large computer display in which consumers can use to get a feel of where there fitness levels are currently at through readings on time, distance, and several others.

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The good

Workout programs – An excellent range of workout applications are built into the console providing a greater range of ways to train. In total, users will have thirty two differing programs to train through.

Weight capacity – Not all cross trainers are built with durability in mind. However, with a recommended weight limit of three hundred and fifty pounds on this machine, you can expect to find a strong frame that can handle day to day use with multiple users.

Magnetic resistance – By offering magnetic style tension, this model will operate reasonably quietly and smoothly.

Tension levels – Includes a decent amount of difficulty levels, twenty four in total, each of these can be controlled digitally through the console.

Heart rate tracking – Monitor your pulse rate using the built in EKG grip sensors.

The bad

Assembly – With a machine of this standard and size, don’t expect the installation to be as simple a task as advertised. Some feedback we have found in our research does highlight this. Allocate a reasonable amount of time to set everything up. However, there is conflicting information when it comes to this because the ProForm website says it only includes three simple set up steps out of the box, so that you’re ready to go in minutes.

Price – For some people, this will be out of their budget range. If this is the case, we suggest having a look at some of our other elliptical reviews.


A twenty inch, power adjusting stride length takes into account taller users needs, but at the same time, doesn’t quite match some of the more popular options in this department. For average height people, this will be sufficient.

Additionally, because it’s operating on a front drive system with a thirty two pound flywheel, you can expect a smooth and steady stride motion. This, coupled with the magnetic style tension and natural impact absorbtion of an elliptical trainer itself will offer people a comfortable way to exercise from home.

The footplate peddles are over sized and cushioned to further reduce impact on key joints and muscles.

Then to top the design off, its construction is quite impressive with commercial grade steel materials used adding to the overall strength and stability of the product while somewhat contributing to its respectable three hundred and fifty pound user weight limit recommendation.

Exercise features

People will get a good amount of choice when it comes to training features. The most important things you want to keep tabs on in this area is the incline and the resistance levels. The 12.0 NE has a impressive set of features in this respect with twenty four digitally controlled tension levels to work with and quick incline controls to add an extra layer of difficulty to your training session.

Console and display

A nice and large console area is something we’re always on the lookout for. This cross trainer certainly delivers with a large, seven inch screen to display training data, and plenty of buttons that make navigation simple. It’s also iFit enabled so that you can enjoy virtual trail striding from the comfort of your home.

Wrapping up

The ProForm 12.0 NE has the technology built in to make exercise fun and enjoyable again, which is something it can sometimes lack. The console options can really help you push and monitor progress and the various tension levels and incline will help you tone up muscles, lose weight, and improve your stamina. For use at home, this will work well.

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12.0 NE2432
520 E1818
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650 LE168 week program
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14.0 Mme
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