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Precor elliptical reviews

The Precor brand are a name we often associate with mid to higher tier elliptical trainers that lean towards commercial grade designs. This doesn’t stop them being great options for home use, however, the price tags at which you often find them can make a less obtainable option despite the obvious qualities and feedback from around the web.

Comparison table

Precor EFX 576i
Precor EFX 221
Precor EFX 225


Precor have released numerous product ranges that are tailored to meet the needs inside the ever changing fitness equipment industry. Each range has there own specific design features, which when taken as a whole, allow them to market to a much broader audience.

Precision series

Generally speaking, the Precision series is seen as the model that made the jump from the commercial gyms, to home use. They are fitted with some of the most effective design features available on the market today, and perhaps more importantly, they tend to retain plenty of commercial grade structural quality which is something that other elliptical trainers can lack.

AMT series – Adaptive motion trainer

Those of you looking for something versatile, low impact, and the combined effectiveness of a treadmill, and cross trainer all in one package will appreciate the AMT series.

The good

Durability – One thing that will always impress us about these machines is the strength of its frame. I guess if you’re going to market as a premium quality brand, this needs to be an area that is up to scratch. And they certainly are, with strong materials and parts used in construction, and higher than average user weight capacities to boot.

Incline settings – Often include a wide variety of choice in increasing the ramp size. The addition of a climb to your training can have long term, positive effects on your results, with the ability to make your workouts more intensive than your standard resistance settings.

Long stride length – The stride lengths is a common complaint in lower tier models. Especially for people who are taller than average. Many machines from this brand will offer upwards of twenty inches stride length which is well above the standard options in the industry.

Computer console – Most of the consoles contain first rate technology that makes tracking data simple and effective. Not only that, but they tend to come equipped with ports and plugs needed to make them compatible with the latest gadgets such as iPods.

The bad

Price – For those of you working with a large budget, this won’t come as too much as an issue. But with the commercial grade features and specifications included, the price tends to be far higher than some of your average home elliptical exercise machines. This will certainly make then unrealistic options for many.

Warranty policies – From our research, we found that many of the warranty policies don’t eclipse some of the lower tier options which is a shame considering you are spending more.

Wrapping up

Precor are certainly not short of quality. For people aiming for premium grade equipment that are highly durable and stable, they should be one of your go to brands. However, keep in mind you can expect to pay a hefty sum of money to get your hands on one, and they aren’t the most compact designs available.