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Precor EFX 576i review

For those of you searching for something with a bit more of a commercial feel to it, the EFX 576i could be a good shout with a terrific range of high standard specs that ensure users get a full body, intensive workout that absorbs impact on joints effectively.

Whilst the downside of going for a higher tier product involves spending more cash, one can still expect a higher level of quality with some great design features that focus on providing a comfortable, enjoyable experience.

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So where exactly does this elliptical machine stand in the ever changing landscape of the fitness industry? To give our readers a clue, we’ve spend hours analyzing areas that could be improved upon, and areas where it stands out from the crowd below.

The good

One of the immediate things that struck us when first browsing through the specifications in the manual was the stride length. It’s well above average, with a choice of setting up between 21.2 to 24.7 inches, which is fantastic for consumers searching for something that caters for taller than average people.

Additionally, users will be faced with plenty of choice in intensity and difficulty, with options of training on an incline at a degree of between fifteen to forty, and resistance levels between one and twenty. Early indications all point towards the EFX 576i elliptical trainer having all the workout essentials needed for even fitter than average users to get a fantastic cardio workout.

Dual action arms work in harmony with the foot plates to brings train both the upper and lower body muscle groups effectively. By the making continuous progress through the various programs and tensions available to you, we don’t see why you can’t shed any excess weight you’re carrying too.

A solid frame that’s marketed as something more related to the commercial gym environment. And with that, you expect a higher level of durability and sturdiness. Key signs we look for in regards to this are checking the weight capacity and materials used in construction. This one passes our test with a 350 pound capacity limit, and a steel frame that has properties to fight off rust.

Because it’s made by Precor, you can expect advanced tracking and monitoring within the console, with numerous functions available such as target heart rate, calorie tracking, and keeping tabs on other things about your current workout session like time spent exercising, and distance covered.

The bad

A cross trainer of this rich in exercise features, with several commercial grade design options, doesn’t come cheap. You can expect to pay a substantial amount of money to get your hands on this. However, as with most things in life, to get the best quality gym equipment, you need to pay relative prices.

A lack of workout programs may be seen as a negative for some people. Whilst you could argue the fourteen preset exercise programs is more than enough to keep training challenging, we can’t help but highlight the fact that several mid range models offer quite a lot more in this department.

Wrapping up

We believe the Precor EFX 576i fares well against the majority of the competition. It certainly isn’t lacking in features, with a wide range of choice in how the user works out. Let’s not forget the heavy duty frame and other inclusions that are designed to ensure the user feels at ease and comfortable. Furthermore, current consumer reports and ratings we’ve come across tend to be of a more positive nature than negative, which is nearly always a good thing. Well worth the investment if you’ve got a larger than average budget.