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Precor EFX 225 review

The EFX 225 features some great preset workouts alongside a variable stride that’s equipped with CrossRamp technology. Such inclusions ensure you get a more personalized workout by adjusting the stride path according to your needs. The plus point of having such a feature is that you can target the same muscle groups differently, depending on how you stride.

In addition to the above, you will get a choice of adding elevation to the movement to make it more challenging and allow users to mix it up a bit.

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Main features

CrossRamp tech – The ability to shape itself to fit the path you stride in is a great feature and will help you exercise in a position you feel most at ease.

Console and computer – There are numerous readouts and menus to be found built into the console. In fact, there are thirteen differing workout metrics, and everything can be controlled and tracked in one convenient location. The screen will display all the necessary statistics about performance which will include time, calories, heart rate, and user profile being used. Additionally, people will have access to simple, user friendly buttons, to control resistance, programs, and other aspects of your training.

Exercise apps – Equipped with ten preset, professionally designed training programs to ensure users keep pushing towards, and hitting as many of their fitness targets as they can. For some people, these can serve as a great tool for motivational purposes, whilst helping them to keep them pushing themselves towards new goals and personal bests.

Handlebars – Dual action handlebars aren’t always included in this product line. There are numerous stationary handles currently available in this market, so the added challenge the movable handles provide for the upper body is a nice addition, and will give a full body cardio workout.

Record heart rate – Easily keep tabs on your active and resting heart rates by utilizing the touch sensors on the handles at the front, near its console.

Resistance levels – With sixteen levels of tension built in, each operating magnetically, users get the advantage of a good range of difficulties, alongside a smooth, fluid, and quiet striding motion.

Warranty – Like several others from this brand, coverage is quite good and is listed as lifetime on the frame, three years worth for the console, five on the parts, and one year on labor.

Wrapping up

Although the Precor EFX 225 isn’t particularly cheap, we think it includes some great features within the spec that will allow users to feel comfortable, as well as giving them a platform to challenge themselves to work towards the cardio results they so desire. The detailed tracking tech included within the console will aid users in understanding their fitness progress, which is an area which can be quite limited for people that don’t use computers whilst exercising. Well worth looking further into, however, be aware that this is a model that’s more expensive than the average.