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Precor EFX 221 review

The EFX 221 elliptical machines foot plates operate on a rear drive system that allow the user to alter the shape of the path your stride takes. In doing so, it provides a more personal training session that will ensure you target the muscle areas you want to target.

Key tracking information is included such as recording heart rate, and training performance. All this coupled with the low impact nature of these machines could make this a good acquisition for your own gym.

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Main features

Resistance – Built on magnetic style tension that provides smoother, fluid striding motions. In total, you will have the choice of sixteen levels of difficulty to work through. Ideal for a broad range of fitness abilities ranging from a beginner, to people who have been working out consistently over the years.

Exercise programs – In addition to the tension levels, users will be presented with ten preset workout programs. The idea behind such programs is to add a extra challenge to your training session and tailor them to meet specific workout goals you’ve set for yourself.

Console – Like many cross trainers on the market, this model provides a console which includes a handy computerized display to get feedback on key elements of your training. Through the screen, users will find data about calories burned per minute, pulse rate, and timing. The areas immediately occupying the space around the screen has buttons that are pretty self explanatory and include switching between one and two user profiles, quick start buttons, and exercise applications.

Heart rate sensor – It’s equipped with the ability to track users pulse rate by the usage of sensors through the stationary handlebars.

Cross ramp technology – This technology is designed to alter the course and shape of the stride motion, or path, to work your muscles in differing areas.

Warranty – Like many products released from this brand previously, users can expect a decent warranty policy that covers you for lifetime on the frame, five years on parts, three on the electronics, and one on labor.

Dimensions – Those of you working with limited amounts of space will be interested in the kind of space this machine takes up. The manufacturer lists the measurements as 75 inches in length by 29 inches in width by 65 inches in height. By no means the most compact option in the industry, so be sure you have a reasonable amount of space available in your household before purchasing.

Headphones jack – Comes with the ability to plug in your headphones and listen to your favorite workout playlist.

Wrapping up

The Precor EFX 221 is from a respected brand name that has produced many high quality pieces of home and commercial gym equipment that are reviewed favorably across the web. This model does seem to keep up with that trend with some great functionality to keep your workouts fresh and challenging. However, be aware that this isn’t going to be cheap to get your hands on.