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Lifespan elliptical reviews

LifeSpan Fitness were launched as a brand in 2001, and they have consistently produced some great options for training the office, home, or gym environments.

They offer a great range of different cross trainers that focus on bringing the user a effective cardio workout. Many of the products we researched were in the mid to higher price range, but that’s not always the case.

LifeSpan E3i

The good

Construction quality – The materials used combine with strong frame designs to provide a solid structure capable of holding higher user weight capacities. Generally speaking, the stronger the structure, the better the durability.

Workout programs – In most cases, their products include a good amount of choice in exercise applications. You will normally find plenty of preset, built in programs, as well as options that focus on user heart rate.

The bad

Price – Despite the clear qualities, you should also keep in mind that they are not on the low end of the scale price wise. For many people looking for a budget elliptical, there ranges will be out of reach.

Wrapping up

LifeSpan aren’t short of quality. When we look at some of their newest additions, like the E2i and E3i, the functionality is clear for all to see. However, always take into consideration the facts we have outlined above before you make a decision and ensure it meets your requirements.