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LifeSpan E3i review

An essential part on any fitness regime involves having an effective cardio session that helps you to push yourself to the limit and progress. To achieve this, you will need to find a piece of fitness equipment that offers plenty of workout applications and challenges.

Step forward, the LifeSpan E3i. We believe this elliptical machine really fits the bill for advanced exercise sessions from home. This is thanks to its numerous training features that are designed to intensify and ultimately improve your fitness results be it losing weight, improving your endurance, or toning up muscles.

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Like any cross trainer on the market, you will find that they each individually have benefits and flaws. We aim to help our readers filter through the fluff and understand each side of the argument to help decide if this could become the newest addition to your home gym.

The good

The more obvious benefits are the natural, impact absorbing movement it provides. A great option for conducting your cardio if you have issues with your joints.

A seven and a half inch LCD back lit computer display is ideal for those among us who love making use of key statistics like time and distance. A larger display area offers much more visually than smaller options, with clear, easy to read text and numbers that will ensure interpretation of results from workouts is accurate. Other data tracked include the monitoring of user heart rate, watts, stride amount, core balance, calories burned, and several others which are all conveniently located through the same place.

The E3i Includes a 34 pound flywheel. This something that consumers can sometimes overlook, which is surprising considering it’s one of the main reasons that keep an elliptical trainer operating smoothly and quietly.

The twenty inch stride length ensures this makes our list for tall users. This is a nice striding length that will cater for people with longer than average leg lengths, and also play a part in ensuring they feel comfortable through the stride motion.

Offers compatibility with numerous fitness apps such as MyFitnessPal, and Strava. Use the applications to share with your friends and family, and even challenge each other to beat personal bests and records over specific distances. To put it simply, these can be used to keep your training fun, which is something that can be lacking in older machines.

You can expect a good, intensive workout with the twenty levels of resistance and incline. The good thing about this sort of variety isn’t just in the challenge, or the progress you can make as you work your way through each level, but the fact that it can accommodate multiple users with differing levels of fitness. Those of you with a family at home may well appreciate this.

Additionally, you can make use of its twenty one exercise programs to keep your training fresh and challenging.

The bad

Some people will consider the E3i elliptical to be out of their price range, which is understandable. The technology and features included make it hard for such a machine to cater for people with a lower budget.

Not as popular as some of the competition, which makes it harder to find, research, and dig out the flaws. This may change in the near future, so stay tuned.

Wrapping up

The LifeSpan E3i is a great option if you have the budget for it. It has a sturdy design alongside all the exercise functionality required to get a excellent workout. The combination of its incline settings with the resistance and stride length, make this one of our top picks. However, if you are looking for a cheap option, you may want to look elsewhere.