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Front drive elliptical machines

Elliptical trainers operating on a front flywheel drive system are arguably one of the more popular choices for consumers. They are simple to use, easy to set up, and perhaps most important of all, effective.

The main mechanism that propels the peddles is located at the front of the machine. They are likened to stair climbers because users tend to lean forward into the movement more than rear drive models. In most cases, they come with a more accessible design and lower step on height.

Listed below, we look at the industries top rated products

Schwinn 430

An elliptical cross trainer that has steadily become a popular choice among consumers since its release. It has a great set of features to help you reach your exercise targets. Made by a reputable brand and includes all the essentials for training effectively. Find out more about it here in our detailed review.

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ProForm Endurance 520 E

The inclusion of eighteen levels of tension and workout apps will no doubt keep users challenged and pushing themselves to reach new fitness heights. Also included to compliment these settings is a range of incline options that can be set up to twenty degrees.

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LifeSpan E3i

Includes a twenty inch stride length in the design, this can certainly attest to the fact that tall people aren’t limited for choice. Containing several training features such as twenty resistance levels and twenty one workout apps, this could be the product that provides the challenge you’ve been looking for.

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Schwinn 470

Another one of the more popular options for consumers with plenty of feedback and ratings that suggest the majority of buyers have been happy with the training options it provides. Includes a great console, along with an impressive twenty nine training apps to keep you busy.

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ProForm 9.0 NE

A power adjustable stride is ideal for the people with naturally longer strides. Even more so when it allows a stride of up to twenty inches. Also included within this mid range machine is a wealth of features that will have you working up a sweat in no time.

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Sole E25

Aside from the limited amount of exercise applications, this machine offers a 20 pound flywheel at the front, alongside a adjusting stride length between twenty and twenty two inches. Advanced training tracking is also something to expect through the console for monitoring user performance.

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ProForm 12.0 NE

A smart option in the mid tier from a well known, reputable brand. This machine features some great technology to make exercise more fun. For example, virtual train running on a screen at the front. Combined with several different workout apps and resistance options, this could make a great addition to any home gym.

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Exerpeutic 650

Conduct your cardio training in either direction thanks to the bi directional flywheel of the 650. Not only that, but you will be given the added benefit of dual action arms which will allow people to pump there arms as well as their legs to give a full body workout that brings most major muscles into play.

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The effectiveness of a workout isn’t necessarily down to the type of elliptical trainer you pick. On the contrary, much of that is dependent on the weight of its flywheel and the amount of training options offered. And to be fair, like most things, there are good and bad products in all kinds of cardio machines. So what are the potential benefits of buying one for your personal gym?

Users should also expect a fixed incline rather than a manual adjustment. This could be put down to the fact that the majority of user weight is at the back and not having sufficient support.

In many cases, machines with the flywheel attached on the front are less expensive, easy to get on and off, and relatively simple to assemble.


They tend to be equipped with more parts which can be a problem in long term use. The extra moving parts means that there is a higher likelihood of it requiring maintenance.