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Best elliptical for bad knees

People with weak knees often complain about the difficulties they face with exercising. Putting too much weight or stress on them can be very problematic. So, for those looking to continue working out, without worrying as much about your aches and pains, we look at the elliptical trainer, how it can benefit you, and several models which may be a suitable match.

It’s important to note that they don’t follow the natural walking or running motion to those found in treadmills, instead utilizing an oval stride which will reduce the impact on your joints. Essentially, this will allow you to exert yourself more intensively, without worrying as much about getting an injury. Which is great news for your knees.

Models that come equipped with an adjustable stride length is an important feature. The ability to change up the distance you step puts you in control over how far you feel you can comfortably stretch your strides out without putting excess pressure on your joints.

Additionally, you can expect to be given plenty of choice in how you position yourself on the machine. For example, the peddles will be over sized in most cases, which will enable you to put your feet into the most naturally comfortable position. These peddles are often accompanied by padding within the foot plates too to further absorb the impact from each stride turn over.

But don’t think that they are limited because of these design features. On the contrary, you will come across a great range of products that include excellent training functionality such as dual action arms, workout programs, and incline settings.

Listed below, we choose a few elliptical machines that may meet your needs.

Precor EFX 576i

An advanced model that offers a stride that can be altered between 21.2 to 24.7 inches. Great workout features built into the console, a nice range of choice in terms of resistance, and a strong frame that can accommodate users of up to 350 pounds.

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Sole E25

Again, a nice amount of length in the stride that’s also adjustable between 20 and 22 inches. Manufactured by a reputable brand in the industry and operates on ECB resistance which is known for the smoothness in its operation. Some great training options included and a viable option for exercising at home.

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LifeSpan E3i

The e3i comes with a flywheel that weighs thirty four pound which can be a contributing factor to how smooth it feels. Couple that with a twenty inch stride length, plus some great tracking technology, then you have a machine built to help you make progress towards your fitness goals from home.

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