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Exerpeutic Aero Air review

Those of you thinking about saving space when researching in ellipticals, may want to check out this cross trainer. Featuring a smart design that’s compact and inexpensive, this is an ideal option for those wanting something that provides a decent cardio workout for an affordable price.

Having analyzed and scoured the web for what consumers and experts are saying, its easy to say that this is a basic machine that is great for home use. Ratings are quite positive, which is a good sign, but at the same time, you can expect miracles from lower priced fitness equipment. It’s all about finding the correct balance.

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Space saving

One thing that’s apparent is that this is quite a compact design that will leave a small footprint in your household. For the people among you looking to exercise in areas with limited room, this could be exactly what you need.

Something that goes hand in hand with that is often a lower price tag. And that hold true here with this being a very affordable machine for those working with a low budget.

Weight capacity

Now, we don’t expect miracles from lower range cross trainers, nor do we expect the strength and durability to match the heavy hitters in the industry or commercial options. However, a 260 pound capacity is still quite low and we always recommend weighing 50 pounds less than the capacity for better performance and a longer lasting product. So, if you weight up to 210 pounds, this could be great.

Stride length

The stride length on this machine is twelve inches, which is obviously quite limited, especially for taller users. For those of you who are at an average height however, it should suffice for your fitness needs.


On both the Exerpeutic website and various fitness websites online, there is no listing of the exact amount of resistance on offer. However, what we did learn was that it operates on magnetic tension and can be tweaked using a dial at the front of the trainer.

Workout Programs and tracking

The programs included are very basic and the same can be said about the console. However, the most important parts of monitoring your workout data is included, with helpful readings and an insight into time, speed, distance, and calories worked off. All of this can be seen on a small LCD computer attached to the front.

User friendliness

We believe that it’s very user friendly. It’s simple to assemble and comes with a easy to understand console system to track your data. Everything is as straight forward as it could be.


Transportation wheels at the front removes heavy lifting from your list of worries. Not fitted with all the bells and whistles of the higher tier options, but designed with the necessities in mind.


One year limited warranty keeps you covered in the event something gets damaged.


Assembling the elliptical is quite straight forward, and includes a step by step instructions that are easy to follow and labelled in steps within the product manual.