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Exerpeutic 1000Xl review

The 1000xl is marketed as a heavy duty magnetic elliptical that produces a smooth and consistent striding motion. As an option suitable for those wanting a more affordable way to do your cardio, it’s understandable that this machine has picked up plenty of positive ratings around the web and various fitness sources online.

For a beginner or intermediate user, there is enough to push yourself outside your comfort zone and get you working up a sweat, with eight levels of adjustable resistance, alongside ways to keep tabs on your performance through a computerized console.

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When we focus on the potential good and bad features of a elliptical machine, we ensure we follow a set of rules which involve taking into account the type of resistance, the drive type, exercise applications, and the stability of the design. By doing so, we can come to a conclusion on how it may benefit you, or act against you, and why. Listed below, we have covered the main features found in our research.

The good

When we first started researching into this product, it became apparent rather quickly that it’s been well received by the majority of consumers. We have looked at several of the leading retailers online, and the positive ratings tend to outweigh the negatives by quite a way. This is a great, early sign of a quality product.

For the beginners among you, you may appreciate the eight levels of magnetic resistance. Gradually work your way up and through each tension level, watching your endurance and fitness increase along the way. There is also the argument that the magnetic style tension will provide a much more fluid, and quiet operation, which is something you should be looking for when exercising at home.

The inclusion of the computerized console will provide a important insight into your current fitness levels. It will offer all the important statistics such as time, calories, and distance, which can always be used as a starting point for setting personal goals when working out.

What’s more, heart rate monitoring pads on the front arms will send your pulse rate information back to the console, which can be used on the target heart rate monitoring application.

The 1000xl flywheel is dual directional, which will allow people to go both forwards and backwards to keep things fresh and interesting. It will also help you target different muscle fibers, which could improve results.

For a smaller household, the compact design will be vital. Its listed dimensions are 54 inches in length x 23 inches in width x 63 inches in height.

The bad

What beginners may see as a positive in the resistance, more advanced users who are fitter may find the eight levels of resistance to be too low for their requirements. However, at this price range, you can expect it to have the same specifications as upper tier cross trainers.

Wrapping up

Those of you who are beginner or intermediates looking to effectively train at home will find the Exerpeutic 1000Xl will more than likely meet your requirements. What it lacks in the additional technology from the industries heavy hitters, it more than makes up for by providing the essentials for a much more cost effective price.