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Compact elliptical machine reviews

Those of you with very little space available to you will want to consider looking for something that either folds, is compact, or a mixture of both. Because their designs tend to take up less space, there are some limitations, such as a shorter stride length on average than your regular sized front and rear drive options in many cases.

Listed below, we look through several of the best compact elliptical machines currently on the market.

Exerpeutic Aero Air

A small x trainer with a twelve inch stride length. Well designed with the inclusion of the essentials rather than the advanced features to keep costs down and present itself as something that will fit quite easily into a rather enclosed space. A highly rated option with plenty of consumer feedback.

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ProGear 300LS

Another space saving option that is inexpensive, yet carries all the essentials required to track performance, and get a great cardio workout all in one package. Transport wheels are included to lessen the need for any heavy lifting, and make mobility easier.

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Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3416

With dimensions of 55 by 23.5 by 63.5 inches – that’s length by width, by height, this isn’t quite the smallest option available. However, with the added functionality such as the inclusion of eight tension levels, dual action arms, and pulse monitoring, we believe it deserves to make the cut.

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Body Rider BRD2800

A great option for both small and medium home gyms. It’s not going to take up much room and perhaps more importantly, it’s far more versatile than many of the leading products on the industry thanks to it being able to double up as a exercise bike. It’s known as a dual trainer for short.

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What to look for

There are early signs and guidelines to follow that will help you determine whether or not an elliptical machine is compact.

Dimensions – Perhaps the most obvious one, but still relevant. Always know what the assembled dimensions are. Be careful when looking at online stores, they sometimes list packaging measurements next to the fully assembled.

Drive system – The drive systems you’ll want to aim for are either center, or front drive. The reasoning behind this is that rear drive machines tend to be quite lengthy as the mechanism extends further out the back due to the flywheel being located there.

Step up height – The step up height will play an important role in telling you how to find a elliptical for low ceilings. This measurement is the extra height users gain after stepping onto the foot plates.

Stride length – As a rule, expect models with longer stride lengths to be bigger. You will need to make a decision on how much length to sacrifice for space.

Wrapping up

It’s always a sensible decision to measure the area and dimensions of the room before you shop. Even if it’s a small elliptical, you shouldn’t cut corners as it may only result in you sending the product back in the future. Spend time researching into the dimensions of both the room and trainer now and you will be safe from headaches later.