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Body Rider BRD2800 review

With a relatively simple design, but from a much more affordable price range, the BRD2800 could be ideal for conducting your cardio exercise in your own gym. The versatile nature of this dual trainer has won it plenty of plaudits around the web, and for good reason.

It’s not often you find fitness equipment that can do two jobs in one. However, this one does. With the foot plates and handlebars of an elliptical trainer, but also the inclusion of a seat, this does a great job in doubling up as an exercise bike as well.

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The obvious benefits of this design ensure people target different muscle groups with the differing movements of peddling and striding, as well as potentially saving space in the household due to it being a two in one package.

Some of the positives are immediately apparent, just by judging the unique design. However, to give consumers a fair and unbiased account of as many of its good points and flaws, we have researched around the web, and dug deeper into the spec list below to find out what sort of quality and capabilities one can expect from such a cardio machine.

The good

Users get full control over the resistance level they train at. This is fully adjustable by simply turning a dial on the machine. You will find it to offer plenty of intensity for beginners, however, for the more advanced user, and fitness veterans, it may still lack the features needed to challenge yourself.

One of the most important things to look out for when shopping is the availability and ability for a cross trainer to track exercise statistics. Without data that includes time, speed and several others such as calories burned off and distance travelled, people wouldn’t be able to record and understand if they are making progress in improving their fitness and endurance. The good thing about the BRD2800 is that it comes with a computer that records each and every one of these things despite the low price.

The ability to mix up your training can be essential in your push towards hitting fitness goals. Sometimes, doing the same exercise movements over and over can get quite tedious. This in turn can cause frustration, and a lack of motivation. This design will ensure users always have the option to keep the training enjoyable as you switch up between elliptical and bike.

The seating is fully adjustable both vertically and horizontally, meeting a larger variety of peoples comfort requirements.

It’s not particularly large either, with dimensions listed as 38.6 inches by 10.2 inches by 26 inches, making it a viable option for small and medium sized rooms.

The bad

There are flaws to be found in any gym equipment, and this model is no exception to that rule. First of all. problems may arise for people who are tall as the stride length may be far too short to be adequate.Secondly, there are certain limitations on how far your fitness can progress on lower tier options, which is why we always suggest looking for something, at the very least, in the medium price range for a fuller, more challenging set of exercise features.

Wrapping up

We think the Body Rider BRD2800 holds its own against many of its competitors thanks to its versatile nature. Despite it not offering the same level of technology or applications as some of the market leaders, the trainer offers people a new way to workout which we believe have contributed to its popularity on various shops online. For people looking for a reasonably cheap option, this comes recommended.