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Body Rider BRD2000 review

Finding the correct elliptical machine for performing your cardio at home naturally requires plenty of research and know how. You will need to outline specific requirements such as your budget, and what kind of features need to be included.

Looking at the BRD2000 would be a great place to start, especially for people not wanting to dig deep into their pockets. This has great options for beginners to work up a sweat, and will enable you to enjoy your workouts from home and be comfortable at the same time thanks to the seat addition.

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We are always realistic when identifying elliptical trainers that could potentially be your stepping stone towards a healthier lifestyle. And we feel the need to state before we begin, that products in this low budget price range, will not work miracles. However, they are more often than not a great place to start, and maybe even provide sufficient challenges for intermediate users.

The good

It comes equipped with a steel frame construction that gives it strength from the foundation and ensures users will have a sturdy platform from which to train on. It doubles up as an exercise bike, hence the name ‘˜dual trainer’™. Working out using both of these options will keep your body guessing and target different areas of your muscles, which is essential to make long term progress. You don’t want to be stuck doing the same exercise movements for years on end.

It includes a seat that gives striders the option to take a break from a rather intensive session. The seat itself can be adjusted to various heights to help accommodate tall users.

Excellent lower body workout which does a fantastic job in reducing and absorbing impact in each movement. This is great for people who find themselves getting injuries, or older users.

Should you get the urge to up the difficulty a little, you can easily adjust the tension using the knob on the frame. Alternatively, take it down a level if you’re finding it difficult.

It includes the basic tracking functionality such as time, speed, distance and how many calories you have burned in your workout. This is all fed back to the console ready for users to interpret.

Plenty of ratings and reviews found around the web that will give people a detailed insight into how effective this elliptical could be for them. It can also help in weeding out any potential flaws that have been noticed in the design.

The bad

Not particularly tech heavy. Compared to the more expensive options, there is a lack of exercise applications and functionality that you just don’™t find at this price band, and you shouldn’t really expect to due to it being a low cost option.

Wrapping up

The BRD2000 isn’™t the most advanced cross trainer in the industry. But what it does offer is a bit of versatility that you don’t often find. Most cardio machines these days tend to be single track, however, this one works as a strider and a bike, which is a welcome feature. And it’™s because of that, we recommend it for those of you not looking to spend a lot of money on new equipment.