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How an elliptical benefits you

The elliptical advantages by far outweigh the disadvantages. They come in many shapes, sizes, and brands. However, each product shares something in common with one another. This is their ability to provide a full body cardio workout. Listed below, we look at the various perks in detail.

The main benefits

1. Lower impact – The peddles, along with the frame itself takes the majority of your body weight, which goes a long way in absorbing the impact of each stride. This will play a part in reducing your chances of picking up a injury, particularly on ankle and knee joints.

2. Toning muscles – Will work your muscles and help tone them up with consistent use. Great for those of you looking to improve definition, especially in the lower body.

3. Weight loss – Consistent training on them, combined with a well rounded diet plan will be key in helping you lose weight. In fact, most modern elliptical trainers come with tracking software that monitors the amount of calories burned off, which can prove to be invaluable information.

4. Saves time – Those of you looking for a way to fit in your training sessions around a very busy work or family schedule will be pleased to hear that this is ideal for squeezing in quick workout session that takes very little time out of your day. Especially if you’re doing high intensity interval training.

5. Safety – Whilst most cardio equipment comes with safety measures built in these days, it’s still something you want to take into account when buying a new one. They work on user power, so when you stop, the machine stops, preventing unwanted accidents from occurring.

6. Full body workout – If you happen to own an elliptical cross trainer that has dual action arms built into the design, you have the option to bring your upper body into the training movement. This gives the whole body a fantastic workout.

7. They are everywhere – They are not particularly a rare piece of gym equipment. Whether you’re looking to join a local commercial gym, or want to shop online, you aren’t really going to have trouble getting you’re hands on one.

8. Go in reverse – Some products can go forwards as well as backwards. Hit your hamstrings and calves harder by mixing it up between both directions. But be sure to check it includes such functionality first.

9. Smart technology – Over time, technology has progressed quite a lot. Various brands like Schwinn are now offering fantastic applications and software on their computer consoles that makes understanding training performances a lot easier. Key data can be extracted or read on the displays that tell you quite a lot about areas you need to improve upon. This can only be seen as a positive for your own exercise regime.

10. Choice in how you train – The ability to mix things up and keep things fresh is something that is overlooked by people. And we believe that’s a contributing factor to people getting bored and losing motivation. However, most of these trainers come with a great deal of choice in how you workout through ramp inclines, resistance levels, and exercise programs.

11. Multitask – You can do numerous things while you train thanks to most machines following a more precise foot peddle path. Some models come with mini tv screens, others contain tablet and book holders to keep you busy.

As you can see from the list above, the best rated elliptical machines can be quite beneficial. The low impact offered alongside the convenience and compatibility in working out from home have made them become one of the most popular pieces of equipment on the fitness market today.