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AFG 7.3AE review

The 7.3AE elliptical exercise machine is a mid to upper range model that provides users with a range of ways to make your workouts increasingly more difficult. A few examples of these include the twenty differing levels of incline and resistance. Additionally, you will find eight preset exercise programs on the console to work your way through too.

Plus, because this is running on magnetic resistance, alongside a reasonably heavy thirty pound flywheel, you can expect it to be fairly quiet too, which is exactly what many home gym users are looking for.

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Main features

Incline settings – Hill climbing is endorsed by many fitness enthusiasts around the world. But how does that tie in with this product? Well, the ability to utilize a ramp designed to mimic an uphill stride will certainly help increase the challenge of your workout session, even more so when you consider there are twenty various levels to go through.

Resistance – You can alter the resistance between one and twenty dependent on your current level of fitness. The high amount of choice in this respect ensures anyone can get a good cardio session from it, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or intermediate.

Workout programs – The inclusion of eight built in programs will add extra fitness targets to hit.

Smooth and quiet – This isn’t something that’s always a necessity. But we feel a machine that operates quietly and smoothly can only improve the overall exercise experience. This machine already runs on the naturally smooth magnetic tension, but combine that with the thirty pound flywheel and that’s a good formula.

Stride length – Unlike some models in the market, you’re not too limited when it comes to stride length. This product offers a respectable twenty inches.

Console – The console is the brain of the trainer. On it,  you will find the various menus for controlling the options mentioned above, as well as showing all the important exercise readouts like user heart rate, and how many calories you have burned since the start. What’s more, the area surrounding the console is filled with easy to read buttons, as well as a cooling fan for added comfort.

Wrapping up

The AFG 7.3AE may not be a good choice for those working with a small budget, however, for those wanting something to challenge yourself from home and to track and improve upon cardio results, this could be a good match. There are certainly some good training features available, which along with the fact the this comes from a brand under the Johnson Health Tech umbrella, are both good signs. We believe this is a model worth looking into further if you’re looking to exercise at home.