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Best agility ladders 2019

Are you interested in improving your pace and balance for sports? For people playing sports like football and soccer, where high levels of movement, as well as changes in pace and direction are required, an agility ladder could be a great addition to your training regime.

We have taken time to research into some of the most popular products to highlight their features and bring clarification to our readers on whether a specific model is a good fit for them.

Top rated speed ladders

Image Name Rating
Cintz Dual 8/10
Yes4All 8/10


We pick out some of the consumer favorites in the market and analyze what they can offer you below.

Yes4All Durable

This is an option noted as being a long lasting product built to last years.

You have quite a bit of choice in customization, with the ability to choose between eight, twelve, and twenty rungs, as well as being able to pick between a yellow or blue color.

The rungs themselves are flat which is great news for beginners who may have a tendency to trip over raised ones. They can also be adjusted so that you can widen the space between each step. The standard distance between them is fifteen inches.

It’s a cheaper way to work on your running, and when it’s not in use, the rungs stack nicely to save space for storage.


This is one that comes with two main choices. The first is six rungs, the second ten. It’s equipped with highly visible colors on the rungs to make foot placement easier, and safer.

The spacing between each square is fixed, with a width of sixteen and a half inches. This will give you a feel of how much space is given. Additionally, it comes with a bag and stakes plus a drill matrix which could be ideal for beginners who aren’t sure where to start.

It has a good warranty policy with coverage for a year in case you encounter any problems with it and consumer feedback that we’ve found from our various sources has been mostly positive.

Cintz Dual

This is a workout ladder that differentiates itself by giving users the ability to use two steps next to each other, side by side. This will give users a larger range of drills to work with.

It has adjustable rungs that are made of plastic, and will fit into a training space of fifteen feet and above.

You will be able to store and move it about easily after a exercise session as it comes with a carrier bag with handles that will protect it and with proper care prevent it getting tangled. The last thing you want is for it to become tangled up, they can be a nightmare to correct.

It’s not expensive but there has been some feedback saying that it feels a bit flimsy, which could effect how durable it is.

Benefits of using them

With all the strength and endurance training equipment available, it’s easy to forget being agile can be an extremely beneficial attribute to have in many sports. It can help create space and opportunities, or even lose your marker with an explosive turn of speed. Listed below are a few advantages you stand to gain with consistent training.

  1. Co-ordination – Making your limbs and body work as one is important. The improved co-ordination can help your legs and arms go exactly where you want them to go when it matters.
  2. Balance – The quick step nature of this type of exercise forces your body to adjust itself into a position where you are balanced with each step. Consistently doing this can help you stay on your feet in big game moments too.
  3. Speed – Sprinting shuttles through each gap with high and low knees, and on your toes can help improve speed and acceleration to some extent.
  4. Core – The core works as a stabilizer in a lot of these movements, and because of this, it gets a great workout.

Wrapping up

When used correctly as part of a larger training regime, these footwork ladders can play their part in improving your performance alongside becoming more effective for your team.