Gym Brains

About us

It’s highly likely that if you have landed on our website you are looking for home gym equipment. If that’s the case, you have come to the right place. Our team provides the latest reviews and buying guides on all kinds of cardio and strength training machines to help you find a good fit for your requirements.

Sometimes, the amount of information consumers have to take on board when picking a new product can be overwhelming. That is why we have simplified the reviews to include the main benefits and drawbacks of each machine by analyzing individual features.

Our ratings system

We are constantly striving to provide our readers with the very best unbiased reviews on exercise equipment on the web. Over the years, we have developed and gathered knowledge that allow our experts to look at specific features of individual products and explain where it excels, and where it falls short. Listed below are just a few of the things we monitor:

Materials used & weight capacity – The materials used in the construction are among the first things we look for. This can hold early clues about whether or not it has the capability of becoming a strong and durably product for your home gym.

Dimensions and weight – The size of a product is overlooked by many, but is important nonetheless. For example, if you have limited space in your gym, you may want to go for something compact, likewise, if you know your flooring is not suited to heavy objects, the weight will give you a bit of an insight.

Training options – Every type of equipment comes with uniques training functionality. However, there tends to be common themes throughout such as number of resistance levels, and amount of workout programs. We look at what’s on offer and decide if the product provides sufficient challenge for people of an average fitnes level.

Tracking – Keeping track of your times, speed, and other information is all the rage these days, especially with the growing popularity of social media platforms from which you can share and show off your results. In our research, we ensure products have all the basic statistics covered and highlight advanced areas which may be of use.

Meet the team

Mike – When it comes to cardio equipment, Mike is the go to guy. As the founder of Gym Brains, he has a lot of experience in the fitness industry with tons of knowledge picked up over the years working in the industry and training for various sports.

John – With in depth strength training knowledge, John was the sensible choice for moderating anything related to home gyms, free weights, and barbells.

Sarah – Sarah is one of the main fitness bloggers. She has great tips to share with our readers about exercise form, losing weight, and nutrition.

Add all of our combined knowledge together, and you find the origins of the Gym Brains brand name.

Wrapping up

It’s never easy to find well suited fitness equipment, especially with the amount of choice available to us at the touch of a button.  However, our goal is to make the whole prices smoother and less time consuming by providing our readers with the facts rather than sales page.